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Racial Origins of the Filipinos and The Ethnic Group of the Philippines

a theory concerning the origin of the Filipinos, it is believed that an important role of bridge to ground with the arrival of the first people in the archipelago also known in the usa Waves of Migration Theory, a this theory concerning the origin of the Filipinos which it is believed that there are three groups of people came in the Philippines that introduced the prehistoric world. the call on the lip nagtagpuan in the Cave of Tabon in Palawan in that destroyed odi game of cricket last because proven earlier arrived in the Philippines the people than in Malaysia says Beyer who was the origin of the FilipinosThe skull of eighteen it is proved Philip's Global Trade of the UP Center for Advanced Studies and the researchers of the National Museum who shall represent in the first race of the Filipinos. Also said they homo sapiens one of the big ethnic groups that love to pleasure such as dancing and singing, savings, modern, devotional and adventure lovers. one big ethnic group with high self-esteem and family, respectful, clean, light-hearted, pious, fond of gatherings and fun one in large groups with more self-confidence, delicious cook, lovers on the dinner party, lovers of beautiful things, creative and religious one in big groups hard-working, patient, prayerful, and they are not just spending for no reason. They also are practical, patient, creative and love to the vegetables and anchovies one of the big ethnic groups that melodious, gently speak, prayerful, generous, hospitable and lovers of fun one of the big ethnic group that is not luxurious in life, patient, strong, love to sing and hospitable. Even exceedingly difficulty caused by the frequent winter, still remains in them the strong faith in God. one of the big ethnic groups that love the dishes spicy and with coconut milk, religious, kai magga, polite and talented in dancing. as a Flatshare, one they in big groups with more self-confidence, palaayos, delicious cook, love to dinner party.

Apply For A U.s. Visa - Location of Pagdadalhan of Documents - Philippines (English)

who were placed on hold under Section (g) and hinigan of the documentmay submit their documents to the Embassy by going to the nearest GO courier Not be able to deliver the Go in the mentioned area If you choose one of the places on the list. you will be advised of Go to pick up your passports - documents to the nearest station Go.