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Service Now: Name of the Philippines, should be to replace

Have the circumstances necessary to replace a man his name

Republic of the Philippines would make the Republic of the NobilityBeen chat recently changing the name of our motherland after it quoted President Rodrigo Duterte in his speech. Go back you The real history of aristocratic empire.

For example, I have acquaintances that his name was Candelario.

Without grew up here and after almost twenty-four years to the temple with him, because then the meaning of his name is something that holds candles or kandelera, decided he enlist to replace in the courts his name.

I'm, willing I replace the name of the Philippines

Also have I been named in a famous people in WW as was General Rommel of Nazi Germany.

Becomes the object of temptation a person with this name here in Europe because his name spade is inspired by a Nazi General. So, if becoming this is true to a person, how much more so in a country like the Philippines. Nobility or what, we should therefore be studied and discussed. Because many that I have seen people in Socmed the joking pronunciation of the the name of our country.

Like Philip-dick, Philip pains, etc.

very disrespectful for us the Filipino people. With point turn Uu many problems the country. But true also is that ipapangalan just us or the whole race has nothing to a king. That's even in the own country, he is not just inspiring galalas. Even pulpul.

The Origin of the Philippines - Legends

There is no sea between Asia and the Philippines

What'different assumptions about the origin of the Philippines

According specialists in the study of balatlupa, during the first time the Philippines is part of Asia.

But due to landslide, earthquake, volcanic eruption and flooding of the ice, part of the land connects the Philippines in Asia will crumble. There are testify that the Philippines is part of Asia in the first period. Recently has found the skull of the animal in the mountains of the Cordillera. Animals like this are only there to see now in other countries in Asia and none in Piipinas.

In accordance also with the historian, the Philippines is said from time immemorial is part remnant of the huge continent that sank to the sea of India named'y the surname sanders.

According others, it raw probably is part of the lost continent Pacifico named'y Hu. According to our indian mythology, during the first time is no land but only heaven and water.

Now we see in the area that is water

With one raw crow that no terimah kasi. Thought of the crows that papaglabanin the sky and the sea. Big wave isinaboy of the sea in heaven. The sky also was threw big stones in the sea. These stones came from the ground One of the islands of the land of naturan is the Philippines. Another kinawiwilihang legend about the origin of the Philippines is about to Silalak and Sibabay. Since it is said the world's Prime Source the inunang created is the sea and the sky. When there is no other life then on earth, the Prime Source is malulungkutin. In his grief he had shed tears Two drops tears dropped in the firmament and that's been the birds. For there is no meeting the same decendants the birds, naibulong of the Prime Source is the 'I Want to have land and woods should be the same decendants of birds. Almost not been able to tell it, without in the crips, nagkarobn of land and forests. The bamboo tree in the land of naturan, perch the birds. Tapped the bird a limb that bamboo. If it had a magical voice that heard, 'you Strengthen the pagtuktok. Without tuktukin at full strength the limbs of the bamboo, split it and take the first-ever male. After the birds pagtuktok to another internode of bamboo. Without been able to break the bamboo, appeared also the first woman. He was Sibabay.

History Of the Development Of the National Language In the Philippines by Rashid Quddus on Prezi

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Get witty jokes, fascinating facts, and sweet tips to boost your public speaking mojo, all in a cool, weekly-ish interactive newsletter By submitting your contact information, you consent to receive communication from Prezi containing information on Prezi's productsRefer to our Resolution - of the Commission on the Filipino Language is thus the basic description of the Filipino: The Filipino is Native language used in the Philippines as the language of communication of ethnic groups.

It's goes well with ebolusyun.

For the purposes of communication and instruction, the official languages are Filipino and if there is no other provided in the law, may use the English. The national language is Filipino, It must grow and pagyamaninpa the substructure to the existing language in the Philippines and in other languages.

In Article XIV, Sec.

nine of the favorite he should establish a Commission of National Language to take, to link and promote research in Filipino and other languages.

Corazon Aquino is the commandment which directs all departments, offices, agencies and instrumentality of the government to use the Filipino language in official transactions, communications and korespondensya.

The Congress will take steps towards the development of a national language based on one of the existing native languages. June seven - Adopted the Law Komonwell Nos. provides that the National Language shall be the official language since July. thirteen - Adopted by the National assembly the law the commonwealth government.

to create a Language of English (ground floor) Signed and issued by Pres. Ramos the proklama Nos.

sets the month of August will be the Month of the Filipino Language.

August twenty-five - Signed by Pres

In accordance with the provisions of the law.

An address given by President Quezon and the National Language of the Philippines based on Tagalog.

December of was also the decree of the President Ferdinand E. Marcos which isain to language with fifty thousand citizens in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution. Fruit of the made study. Adopted a resolution that English is almost completely meeting the demands of the Law of the Commonwealth), seepage instructed thereof to the president of the Philippines as the basis of the national language. Memorandum Circular Nos. asking all offices of the government in holding statutes in celebration of the Week of the National, August - March sixteen - Signed by Pres. Mark the commandment nagpapanauli in the parts of the leaf and brightens his powers and duties. August six - Inantas in all departments, bureau, offices and other branches of government to use the Filipino Language in the Week of the National Language and all official communication and transactions of government September nine - Discharged by the Secretary Lourdes R. Quisumbing of Education, Culture and Sport the law commandeth to use English in all communications and transactions of the government. Signed by Pres Corazon Aquino's Proclamation No. nineteen acknowledging in English that make the all-important role in the revolution pinasiklab of Power to Towns that led to the new government.