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The Commonwealth of the Philippines

Half of the Supreme Court is also meant for Americans

In the beginning of the stay of the Americans, when the United States of local government led by elected officials pambaryo and provincialThereafter, gradual the expansion of representation in the national legislature, beginning in Council of the Philippines (or Lower House) in. two Was just passed the Jones Law of formed the promise of independence-in time ready the Word government itself. Became the way of the Jones Law on the creation of the legislative include all Filipino, and consists of the Senate and the Chamber de Representantes (House of Representatives). However, the position of the Chief Executive-the Governor-General-and is considered the most important position in the cabinet-Public Teaching (the ancestor of the Department of Education)-is reserved only for American officials to appoint the President of the United States. The Mission Pangkasarinlan (Independence Missions) from and then periodically sent to the Congress of the United States and to the White House to persuade and negotiate for independence. In, successfully driven by the Mission OsRox (meaning “Vice” and “Roxas”) the implementation of the Hare-Hawes-Cutting Act, passed by veto (veto) of President Herbert Hoover in. Despite that, pinasubalian it by the Legislature of the Philippines. In, a new mission (the Mission QuAquAl, made up of Quezon, Benigno Aquino Sr, and Rafael Alunan) are attributed for World-mcduffie Act or the Philippine Independence Act, which set a ten-year period of transition that kikilalaning the Commonwealth of the Philippines, followed by the recognition of the United States in the independence of the Philippines. Set the World-mcduffie independence Act of the parameters for the period of preparation. Intended for the United States some powers concerning the management, as the by the universality and cash. In all other aspects, autonomous management in the Philippines. Among the provisions is the suffrage in a Constitutional convention (Constitutional Convention) that develops in the constitution of the upcoming Commonwealth Government. Recto along the halal delegadong English, that the written constitution is not only will cover the transitional Commonwealth, but in effect mapahanggang in the Republic. Ended of the convention and the work on February, and handed it to the President of the United States for sanction corresponding to the Philippine Independence Act its provisions. Adopted it on March, and subsequently also it niratipika of the Filipino people to a Except on the ratification of the President of the United States of the draft of the constitution for the Commonwealth of the Philippines, nagreserba also the government of the United States of certain powers for them: The law for cash, pagbabarya, importer, eeksport, and immigration will require the approval of the President of the United States. You can also intervene in the processes of the Commonwealth of the Philippines and the United States by Proclamation of the President of the United States.

All also of the decisions of the courts of the Philippines may desisyunang again the Supreme Court of the United States.

for the presidential system of government with legislative unicameral.

It has the power to enforce these laws for the Philippines, known as Made the Commonwealth to lay the foundations for an autonomous and effective state.

See the priorities in its first law that implemented the new National Assembly, established the Philippine Army and a policy for national defence Law in the Commonwealth of Nos, established the National Economic Council, Commonwealth Legislation), developed the Court of Appeals.

However, scarce of been using this power

Amended the Constitution to permit the re-election of president and vice president, take back the Senate and the system bikameral of the Legislature, and establish an agency for the election assembly, the Commission on Elections. Adopted the suggested amendment in a In danger the global war, following the occupation of the German in Europe and Japanese in Manchuria, was awarded the National Council of the power emergency (emergency powers) of the government. Placed the Philippine Army in the management of the United States Armed Forces Far East (BOOK), led by Field Marshal Douglas MacArthur, who restored to service after serving as advisors equipment in the Commonwealth from. on the th of November. The outbreak of the war in Asia on the th of December following the bombing of the Japanese on Pearl Harbor, the tower to the center of the Americans in Hawaii, and rush to the military of the Axis across South-East Asia. Prevented by the BOOK the machinery of war of the Japanese, that pinaatras the government colonial of French, English, and Dutch in the region. But blocked it also eventually of diseases, lack of extra strength, and meaningless weapons fruits of the “Europe First Policy” of President Franklin Roosevelt. In the twenty-fourth of December, to evacuate President Quezon and his Gabineteng War towards the island of Corregidor in Manila Bay, and two months later was evacuated to Australia, as the route towards the United States. There, continued in the performance of duties evacuate to the Commonwealth Government. Has earned this recognition from the global community as a member of the United Nations. Continued by President Quezon's representation in the Commonwealth of the Philippines in Washington, D. Maninilbihan him with the same capacity in the Philippines, with an extended term in in the validity of Joint Resolution No. twenty-five of the Congress of the United States, until his death on st of August, which gave way to the ascent Osmeña in the presidential. Spoken of the Early his the forces Allied under the leadership of Field Marshal Douglas MacArthur and began the campaign to liberate the Philippines. He accompanied President Osmeña, that the return is re-established the Commonwealth Government in the land of the Philippines. The repeal of all legislation of the Second Republic, collected by President Osmeña the Congress, elected on the th of November, on the th of June. On the rd of April, conducted the first election after the war, which elected Manuel Roxas and Elpidio Quirino as President and Vice President against the re-running was Also and teammate who is Eulogio Rodriguez Sr. Sworn in reign was Born on th of May as the third and last President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines in front of the ruins of the Buildings and Environment in Manila. In the next week, as the observance of the provisions of the Philippine Independence Act, the Commonwealth of the Philippines became the Republic of the Philippines-the Third Republic. Descending the stairs of the Palace of Malacañan President Osmeña and newly elected President Roxas. Following they the newly elected Second President Elpidio Quirino, to be the one that the president of the Third Republic, re-sworn Roxas as President, now as President of the newly organized and independent Republic of the Philippines. The Congress of the Philippines became the First Congress of the Republic, and forever earned the recognition of the world in entering government in the treaty by the new republic.

Many of the institutions in the current government maiuugat their origin in the Commonwealth.