The conquest of American in the Philippines - the incident in the philippines

Says in the book of The Nail of the Limbas written by Dr

The conquest of American is a masquerading, which in the beginning was pretending to be the savior of the freedom of the Philippines, but later gradually removes the maskNemesio Prudente, the domination and hegemony of the term American in the Philippines, is divided into two periods or stages: The second is the indirect occupation that started after that “bestow” on July, the pretend political independence (neocolonialism) also Said to the author that are not true accidents the arrival of the Americans in the Philippines.

The their entry into the Philippines and throughout Asia is the impulse of selfish desire.

When it is said the time, points out that the former kolonyalistang countries such as Spain, Portugal, France and the Netherlands. Because of this, easily accomplished of the United States the expansion of its influence economical. Napadali the establishment they market in different countries in Asia that napagdadalhan they of their products the industrial and agricultural surplus to the needs of their citizens. According yet to the author, prepared good of the United States his system to do with the desire in Asia. Strengthened his navy and military to not outweigh the other country imperialist. Prepared this army, not only against both imperialist, but to ensure the success of the occupation if you don't mind the cover or if this in turn will rebel when captured. Asserted also of Prudente that the strengthening of the their armed forces are not the dictates of “honor and duty” of their country, but of monopolistang American opens a new task in America - the recent site ii. Recounted also in author the not great made by Americans, like fraud they to Aguinaldo, brutality and the not human punishment". Some yet in the world it is the following: broken out also in the book the American officials that harassed the Filipinos like by Hen. Arthur MacArthur, Hen. Frederick His Team-Mate. On the other side, also mentioned here the heroism of the Filipinos fight the Americans for the preservation of peace as was Gregorio del Pilar who gave his own life. Has value also in the book the name of the friend who was Chinese like Joseph Stark and Dr.

Douglas MacArthur, Colonel Jacob Smith and Hen

Sun Yat Sen who contributed to the fighting with the Americans. Also explained in the book the laws implemented since the Americans proving that they want to take over the Philippines such as sedition laws and more. Also described here how to make way for the Americans to destroy and change the culture and education Released by the sending school American in the Philippines and the use of English as the language cursor that aims to have the gap type of the Filipinos.

According to the book, this is an american imperialist: the pagpapalubha in the divisions and disputes of the people.

Also started, according to Prudente the shipping pensiyunadong Filipinos in America to create a Filipino American who will defend the interest of Americans in the country.

Goal also, according still to the author of the shipment that the pensiyunado in America to produce of bureaucratic English that more allies in the imperialist than the English. The introducing of the system of education based on Americans is a way of imperialist to cover not only the body, but to erase the still streak of nationalism in the minds of every Filipino. Therefore, according to Prudente, used of American education in the united kingdom.

Moreover, let the Americans die the industrial labor or household in the Philippines, due to the continued influx of wreath products American can fail in the rivalry.

This way of killing the industry), and the continued influx of products Americans became the reason of the continued existence of the life of the gentleman who was the cause why the farmers and workers in the Philippines remains poor and downtrodden.

The recent site Americans will not stand for long in the Philippines if they have no accomplice and ally in the country.

In the field, economic, the imperialist has alipures - lord landowner and example who is the direct beneficiaries in their direct conquest that. The always the victim of the release dates for new is the many number of farmers and workers. Here emerge the neo-colonialism, a level of fraud of recent site American, but is the highest.

The neo-colonialism or the modern way of conquest is a movement counter - revolutionaries a way of treatment to stop the increment of movement liberating, especially in the Asia.

The imperialism is the obstacle why you can not keep a country undeveloped in the way of capitalist development. Due to the continued persistence of imperialism in the Philippines, the society formed and strengthened in the country is a society malakolonyal and malapyudal. According to the book, it really wants that to happen of America - that the framework of the economy of the Philippines will be feudal to in the meantime is to be the supplier that only it of raw goods and tagaangkat of wreath products. The burukratang capitalist, political parties served as an accomplice of the imperialist.

All of the commandments and laws that they created and enforced is the law that the imperialist and their kind only hath the benefit.

The national crisis that it is, according to Prudente would end only with the dissolution of the unequal agreement of the Filipinos and Americans that underlying the term American in the Philippines. Should also according to the author to unite the workers under the foreign democratic nationalist. The management of American businesses here in the Philippines should be without ipasakamay said. And the most important of all, according yet to Prudente is the change in education, it must undergo the Shape to help in the dissolution of imperialism in the country. If there is truth or nothing is the name of Prudente to work in the Nail of the Limbas, as the Filipinos, you ought to safeguard our country and protect us in the work of aliens that can abduct again of our freedom. May we learn from the past and avoid that we are making decisions that are destructive to our country. The Philippines is our country, it is for us and we as Filipino is for him. What singer is doing, let us think of the good its for the Usa only excludes only motherland we.