The contract, blamed the problem on the issue of the passport

Proceedings of former secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) allegedly questionable contracts in the making of the passport the now the slow process in issuing it. Central bank of the Philippines (BSP), the former makes the passport especially’t extreme security need here, security as of the printing of money. But decided then added,»move it to the APO Production Unit Inc. that one also companies owned by the dole. However, revealed by former Secretary Perfecto Yasay, instead of the PATRIARCH the print of the passport, handed the PATRIARCH or made to subcontractors in printing a private firm. According to Yasay, it is a violation of the law. Sitting raw of Yasay as DFA secretary was,»that he the agreement and informed that he President Rodrigo Duterte itself. Do not want to deal with the camera but in his written response, Said Michael Dalumpines, chairman and acting CEO of APO Production Unit Inc, the companies they publish the passport and not the United Graphic Expression Corp.

The private company UGEC just said the investors and buyer of supplies and material on the printed passport. One is Coloma to sign the agreement for the printing of the new passport because at the bottom of the office she GRANDCHILDREN. Your GRANDFATHER did print it. The its facility will be there in security printing plants of the PATRIARCH and not just your passport is doing. Ahead of electronic passport we can. ‘yong security printing of revenue stamps, ani Coloma. But in, with the report that the Commission on Audit (COA) which commented that it seems not in command of the PATRIARCH the agreement they maglilimbag of the passport.

Be is Town First Rep

Carlos Zarate is willing to investigate the matter, especially that the report captures yet the supply of paper of the passport in Slovenia, a country in Europe. ‘I realize we are controlled by the UGEC, a private entity, because there in their joint venture agreement, the more nakakalamang the equity of the UGEC. So for all intents and purposes, UGEC holding it, a private entity. So ‘yan pa lang, red flag ‘i.e, ani Zarate. But ensuring also it is said that only the supply of the paper so it doesn’t should blame any delay in the production of the passport