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The economy of the Philippines this, Prosper. Nasyonalistik Pinoy

Little also the reply of “I don't know” (.)

Note: all stated here are based only on the analysis of the author and of his sinagguni

All of the suggestions and not the palace can only ikomento at the bottom of the post. This poll is about the prediction of each dch on economic matters this year.

The purpose of this poll is to learn and maanalisa the wrist of the select few, though representing the youth of the Philippines. (specifically in Metro Manila) In the middle of napagdaanang hurricane now, remained positive still the result of polling and said: Yes, it would be nice still the economy of the Philippines. Not incredibly have to say this some of the youth have since become positive and optimistik them. On the other hand, very few said they were not (. thirty-five) Some also voters have been split on the decision so “maybe” their answer (.). But, somehow there still they saw that hope of progress of our town. Although, the percent of voters and the total number of votes indicates only the presence of interest of young people in economic matters. With some I gathered and thought to be factors that affect decision-making and answering voters. Some young people are thought that this is because the storm and the disaster to come in the country, so they had hope or lost hope in development. More influences the media Because in the “computer age” that we are now, the more quickly the passage of information. And because of this, affected over the news and information that their nasasagap.

They may also in turn affect the availability of information on the movements of the people against in favor of the government.

It may have affected them in the decision-making of youth

During the past months, there was a large movement against the government called “Noynoying” and “Planking” used as the way of the rally against the government. The controversial RH bill and the Cyber crime law (a napatupad, one not) may also cause having feeling of absence or presence of hope in the development. These are only some of the factors that impacts on young people with thoughts of prosperity this. “Think you, be beautiful is the economy of the Philippines now in.” Yes. Can improve the economy of the Philippines May be right or wrong the prediction that it but find I reason why may flourish in the Philippines. Ie its just, men the cost of the government that the result of the lift of the economy of the Philippines. “Phl leaders, Asia's best performing bank stocks” a year ender news wrote Gatdula in the Business section of the Philippine Star. Due to the continued elevation of the banks and commerce in the country, may even more improve the economy of the Philippines. Due to the continued growth of technology in the philippines, particularly gadgets, you may attract the investors to invest here in the Philippines, and because of this, the more men the income of the united states. In other words, more investors, more income on the part of the government. A komentor commented and asked, “Why not feel the development.” (a smart answer that asked by Liezel Bonion) At first, I don't really know the answer I but because I need to answer, I answered just that: Make that only we of the action in this problem of the town.

But I thought the same people and the government there is a problem.

Some of them are below: only some it also answers the question, but ‘the thought you put that just comment below. “Youth is the hope of the town” th of Gat Jose Rizal, but how to be the hope of the town the young people if they do not care in the town. My fellow game designers, we will go out and take action to the motherland. All use of any article in this blog for your schoolwork, thesis, articles or what else, please cite that the only question properly. Type in your email address to receive a reminder in the new events and blog posts.