The Government of the Philippines

The Philippines is a republic with a presidential form of government which equally divided the power into three branches: executive, legislative, and judiciaryAn important consequence of the presidential system of government is the principle of division of power, which under the Congress making laws, under the Executive implementation of it, and under Judicial decisions in domestic legal. The Legislative branch is allowed to make laws, be amended, and magsalawang-validity of this with the power given to the Congress of the Philippines. The Executive branch consists of the President and Vice President both elected by the votes of the majority and serve within six years. Given the Constitution the President the power to select his Cabinet.

Consist of original the this a large part of the bureaucracy of the country.

The Hudikturang branch has the power to resolve the discord in the implementation of the rights stated in the law. Judging this branch if there was or not extreme abuse of discretion, equivalent to lack or surplus of power, on the side of the government. It consists of the Supreme Court and the lower court Expressly granted by the Constitution the Supreme Court the power of Judicial Review, or the power to declare as unconstitutional or unconstitutional the global and long-executive agreement, law, presidential decree, proclamation, law, rule, ordinance or regulation.