‘The National Language of the Philippines is Filipino, it must grow and cultivate more underlay to the existing language in the Philippines and in other languages

‘Favorite it is should express in Filipino and English and shall be translated into major regional languages, Arabic and Spanish ‘The Congress will take steps towards the development and adoption of A Foreign Pamabnsa based on the one for the existing native languages

In his message to Asablea National the creation of an INSTITUTE OF NATIONAL LANGUAGE will make a study on the languages native to the Philippines When said English shall almost fully meet the demands of the Law in the Commonwealth No. seepage instructed thereof to the President of the Philippines that will conclude as the basis of the national language The letterhead of the departments, offices and branches of government should be written in Filipino, underlying the corresponding text in English Called all of the leaders and government employees to attend seminars in English which shall be held by the Institute Of National Language in all of the wards provide All departments, bureau, offices and others will use English in all transactions and official communication on Sunday Language All of the offline leaders meeting is confused of the Week Language Seminar in all wards tend to be up to all of the area is comprehensive of the other islands in the propagation of the national language Capable staff to manage all communication in English in all departments, bureau, offices and other branches of government, including the corporations owned or controlled by the government Using Filipino as a language cursor at all levels in schools as the English nakatalda policy eduksayon Bilingual Make a way for use the Official Language at all