The lowering of the age of accountability, ‘non response’ in: lawyer

Not be met by a lowering of the minimum age of criminal liability the problems in the use of syndicates in children, says a lawyer. Promoted to the Senate a bill that seeks the bottom at thirteen years of age for bind the children were unable to crime, from fifteen years old that contained in the existing Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of. Righteousness of the Senate President Tito Sotto, who filed the Senate Bill, many syndicate the negligence in the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act because of the use they kids for conduct of the crime. But for the lawyer who is Noel Del Prado, although still below the age of criminal liability is to be continued just of the syndicate the use in children. ‘In the minimum age of criminal responsibility is ‘yong nine to Twelve years old, at the time that the used by the syndicate is ‘your nine to. So think of ‘down to you ‘your minimum age of criminal responsibility, the think of the syndicate, the ‘younger ‘your I use, says Del Prado in the program ‘Conversation De Campanilla’ of DZMM. Before implement the minimum age to fifteen under the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act, in the age nine years old is the minimum age under Presidential Decree No.

More by Del Prado, not improve a child committed a wrong if you enter it in prison, especially in the condition of jails in the country today. Although said Sotto that the young be held accountable are put in rehabilitation facilities, said in turn by Del Prado only a few localities that have it. Base raw study of the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Council, thirty-three percent just of all local government units with Home hope. ‘Meaning, to percent in the entire archipelago.

‘your children go to regular prison

And the huge risk that for them, harvest Del Prado. According to Del Prado, not inherent in the making of crime and more should focus on the older makes of the crime. ‘If you really want to have a large impact on structures, safety, should perhaps more look at you ‘yong adults, he said