The rights of buyers in the price, refund

You may not know of all buyers, but they have rights under the law to protect them from fraud or defective products

That's discussed in the 'Conversation De Campanilla' own Wednesday: the rights of the consumer when it comes to the purchase of the product, including the call-refund of the goods, and knowing the right price of it.

Under the Republic Act or better known as 'Price Tag Law' set forth the rights of consumers to protect against exploitation, no matter how big or small the store. According to the Department of Trade and Industry Undersecretary Ruth Castelo, underlying in RA the rights of the consumer to pay for repair, return, or call refund of the defective product. He defined that do not cover here the underwear or swimwear, or to goods that are for sale, or sold with discounts. When it comes to products already for sale, must advise first the buyers that taboo to refund them before the transaction. Inihalimbawa he pagpaskil some carry their promo even exhausted their promo products, contrary it is said in the law. Yield Castelo, should eliminates the such advertisements if exhausted their supply for the promotion Moreover, there are some situation it is said which the more highly charged the cashier of the supermarket than the placed price tag. Yield Castelo, should said followed the amount on the price tag that is posted with the product.