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But the vast majority of people do not know that many different types of durian. There are at least sixteen and see in Davao, although there is more found that is not cultivated commercially. Native — This is the original durian of the country and refers to the uncultivated trees. It usually has white flesh but can also have yellow. It is the strongest taste to all durian. It’s not good for sell because it has larger seeds and thinner flesh, it is pricey in price. Graveolens — Native Palawan this and can also be found in Davao. It has a thick, heavy flesh that has three colors-red, yellow, and orange. They have a delicious smell even more pungent than regular durians. The red flesh has a nutty and a turn yellow is creamier. Thornless — Famous by its lack of thorns, which is one of the recognizable characteristics of durian, the thornless durian has white flesh.

Mamer — It is a native durian that came in the name of Mamerto Fernandez. It is called a native durian of the Dabawenyos. The Mamer is the best native in Calinan, and it has twenty-five percent empty. It has a yellow flesh that is sweet and sticky. Arancillo — The Arancillo is named of the Bureau of Plant Industries (BPI) — Philfruits director mr.

Vicente Arancillo purchase it

It is a seedling of the Thai Chanee. It has a thick flesh with a smooth texture and has a strong taste. For many Dabawenyos, it is their liked. However it can easily rot during the rainy season. Puyat — Puyat has yellow coloured flesh with a bittersweet taste. It is one of the more big durian, because it can weigh the fruits of up to seven kilograms.

And the trees have a hundred fruits

This is also a seedling of the Thai Chanee and brought to the Philippines in the ’s. Not like Arancillo, it does not rot immediately and the more it is liked by farmers for cultivation. Duyaya — The name is a portmanteau of Durian That Grace, named the Durian’s King Severino Belviz. It has a thick, bright yellow flesh that is sweet and has a gentle aroma and thirty just to eat its flesh. Alcon Fancy — It has a thick flesh and a bright yellow, and the edible part was almost forty. It has sweet taste with slight bitterness and with a gentle smell. The Alcon Fancy is rarely sold by vendors on the street because most people will buy directly from the farm where it is given only. These are only some of the durian that you can find in Davao. And there are hundreds more in the durian selections that are not yet registered. For durian lovers, with many more to explore in Durian Republic