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What are some of the Spanish

the fixed amount paid by citizens or corporations to the government to be used in properly running the country a place or part of the ocean, sea, river or other walking seems to-water stopping or hinihimpilan of the ship or sasaskyang maritime to magsakay and decrease of freight or goods situation where controlled or held by only one firm or with the power industry or supply of a thing or product people with high levels society in the time of the Spanish, as, bc, captain municipal, and others the farmers tenants on their farm lands (previously they were the owners of land their farm, when the Spaniards came, kidnapped them) with the owners of the land in the system along with they are usually Spanish to them the land, along with plants and working on the ground but the half-and-half to earn a greening and fifty, or half of the revenue goes to the haciendero even though he was made in the greening of forced labor and it covered all men aged sixteen. Price it of fifteen days beginningfines in lieu of not serving in the polo y servicios but because the more poor and they cannot afford to pay fines it, so many became parts compulsory purchase by the Spanish government in the products of the farmers in the very young amount, or is not paid promise the scriptures provided by the Spanish government to the farmers as proof that they pay the goods they took from farmers. Usually it wasn't paid by the Spanish government a large vessel of the Spanish that the sin-laden (rider) goods from Manila to Acapulco, Mexico once a year trade monopoly of the Spanish government where the craziest thing is only for Manila and Acapulco, and closed to the trade of the Philippines with other countries, this is the most recent type of government participating in the trade to leave it in Manila in and returned in ipinabuwag the monopoly of the Spanish government in prague on September, due to not good effect on the trade of the country Known as the Association of Friends of Town dating back to April, that play various roles for the development of trade. Jesus Ciriaco Carvajal the first president of this organization founded by Joseph Basco on March, which stated that only tobacco just may implant in the province of Cagayan, Nueva Ecija, Marinduque, and Ilocos Take one hundred years this trend and while making huge the Spanish government because here, hungry also so many people in this area due to lack of food supply.