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What happens after death

With a fleeting and permanent place for believers and a fleeting and permanent place also for non-believers but not changeable the judgment of God

Not written in the Bible when coming to a man's death but the Bible tells us that after the death of a man, take him to either of only two destinations: Heaven or Hell.

In Heaven he if he repented of his sins and trusted Christ for his forgiveness from sin. For believers, after death 'I will leave this body that I inhabited to live in the presence of the Lord'. Here having a confusion, if what does happen after death. Describes course of Revelation chapter - the new heaven and new earth Therefore, while not yet the final resurrection, after death, a person will remain first in the 'short-term' Heaven and Hell. The eternal destination of a man is not change, but its location will change For believers, after death, they will be taken to the new heaven and new earth. On the one hand, for the not believers, they will be cast into the lake of fire.

The two places that this is the final eternal destination of the person - all is based on if a person is highly trusted in Jesus Christ alone for his salvation or he trusted his own good works or religion not only to what Christ did.