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ANN-PH Leax Foundation New Money. The Real Evolution of the State

The Leaxcoin is a decentralized global currency that operated under the Ethereum blockchain technology, the leader in the evolution of smart contractThe Leaxcoin platform has solutions to all the problems in real estate transactions, either buying, renting, hire and launch of real estate or in the register of property. The success of the platform Leaxcoin is achieved with a global community of specialists in real estate and many experienced developer, to create the necessary tools to connect to all of the process of real estate and the regulatory agencies of the registration of the property for a blockchain, in accordance with the countless huridiksyon of each country, state and city. The whole platform is reserved for the local and global community, with tools, applications and solutions in a full integration with the rehostro, notary and institutions of government, following the local jurisdiction for the transfer of title. By achieving these goals, will we in the private sector and reach the Department of State, always looking for effective and rapid way to relieve the risk of fraud. The Leaxcoin will be the largest global reference of Smart Contracts, not only for the renewal of the project reflects this, but also for the unrelenting efforts of all who are participants when it comes to the inclusion of all approved regulations for transfer of assets on the platform. By achieving these goals, we will have impact on the private sector and reach the Branch of the State, always looking for effective and rapid way to relieve the risk of fraud. The Leax wallet will be developed in the network of the Ethereum blockchain, encrypted to prevent fraud and theft, with Shipping, Receiving and the performance that Purchase Token. The Leaxcoin is very proud of being a real community with specialists in real estate from around the world Together, we are sealed for build a global community of people who are included in the revolution with the blockchain, providing new resources to be part of the revolution of real estate in the world. The Leaxcoin is an open source project that designed a global community that funded its and highly qualified developers, engineers, designers, academics, economist and enthusiasts in the Blockchain dedicated to serving the Leaxcoin in the main cryptocurrency and makes it quite reach all the decentralized technologies.