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Dumepensa the Makati police after the arrest they have three lawyers in a bar raid

Dumepensa the police in their interviews

According to the police of the city of Makati, arrested the three lawyers because their just so easily entering the inside of the bar premises - According also to the IBP, the case brought in the three lawyers are covering their pagdedetain in three said in turn of CHR that can be precedent for it, but it of other law enforcement Stresses of police of Makati in place in turn is said to detain them in three lawyers launching of entering them over a period of Time, a bar in Makati's-raid of such policeAn address given by police to the right decision that they shut up and the going of the complaints were Atty. Lenie Rocel Elmido Rocha, and Atty. Romulo Bustamante Alarkon, who allegedly entered without permission. Guillermo Eleazar, suddenly just as the insertion of three in the police line even forbade that of the police.

According to Metro Manila Police director Chief

Also told Eleazar the alleged distraction of the lawyers at the crime scene can be hurt in the ongoing investigation of the police. On the other hand, said also of Commission on Human Rights (CHR) that they be made about the separate investigation in such circumstances. Said CHR designated spokespersons Jacqueline de Guia of the interview.

Lawyer of the town

SWORN the new lawyer in front of the justices of the Supreme Court yesterdayBecoming a lawyer is difficult to break into (just the average national passing average in the bar exams), hard-ngatawanan (too high of standards when it comes to responsibility in both) and difficult succeed (more the attorney without income than lawyer tumitiba). In spite of this are almost a thousands also children the ganadung-ganadong face the challenge of the law. Witness the parents, family, friends, and law school Dean to curse to keep the duty as and be instruments of justice for all. Felt their sincerity and determination while listening to the advice of Justice in all circumstances will stand by the sworn. Who have been blessed with education and wisdom, he also has an obligation to society to use it for the good of the majority. Good and increased significantly the number of understand the important matters in society that are bothering us now. According to the discourse of respected is Associate Justice Antonio Eduardo Nachura, being a lawyer is being a leader.

And to expect their help in the elaboration of the concept of organism, wage hikes, child exploitation and others in the community who thirst for understanding. I wish to remain educated their eye and a clean conscience Congratulations to the Law School to continue the development of talented graduate.

Their Dean and faculty is pihadong glad and nasulit the time spent to reach this point. Special mention to the scholars of the town of PLM College of Law that preserved the th highest rating in Metro Manila as of last year.

Lawyer, will hold the behind of the killing

United experienced human rights lawyer and the Commission on Human Rights will hold the allegedly responsible in the killing Flashing PatrolHenry Omaga-Diaz TV Patrol. Wounded a soldier at the battle of the military and New People's Army in the town of Igbaras. Iloilo this Saturday morning.

Lawyer, dead in fighting traffic in Caloocan

Ban and really tightness on purpose, no exemptions

According to police, sinita of the lawyer college motorcycles suspects as alleged in the nakakasilaw that headlightThere was allegedly a dispute the two until nagkanya-his shot gun. concentrated strong the Pinoy with holding the gun. but the nothing the guts in the ears. little things just kill each other True that, the gun with the demon even o just ammunition and eight nakabangga you, the strength within to turn back carrying the band, with a gun, often you are the ringleader and illogical. How can I easily permit people with the money, sold the nakukumpiska, with acts flip yet.

The lowering of the age of accountability, 'non response' in: lawyer

Not be met by a lowering of the minimum age of criminal liability the problems in the use of syndicates in children, says a lawyerPromoted to the Senate a bill that seeks the bottom at thirteen years of age for bind the children were unable to crime, from fifteen years old that contained in the existing Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of. Righteousness of the Senate President Tito Sotto, who filed the Senate Bill, many syndicate the negligence in the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act because of the use they kids for conduct of the crime. But for the lawyer who is Noel Del Prado, although still below the age of criminal liability is to be continued just of the syndicate the use in children. 'In the minimum age of criminal responsibility is 'yong nine to Twelve years old, at the time that the used by the syndicate is 'your nine to. So think of 'down to you 'your minimum age of criminal responsibility, the think of the syndicate, the 'younger 'your I use, says Del Prado in the program 'Conversation De Campanilla' of DZMM. Before implement the minimum age to fifteen under the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act, in the age nine years old is the minimum age under Presidential Decree No. More by Del Prado, not improve a child committed a wrong if you enter it in prison, especially in the condition of jails in the country today. Although said Sotto that the young be held accountable are put in rehabilitation facilities, said in turn by Del Prado only a few localities that have it. Base raw study of the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Council, thirty-three percent just of all local government units with Home hope. 'Meaning, to percent in the entire archipelago. 'your children go to regular prison And the huge risk that for them, harvest Del Prado. According to Del Prado, not inherent in the making of crime and more should focus on the older makes of the crime. 'If you really want to have a large impact on structures, safety, should perhaps more look at you 'yong adults, he said.

Biography of Elpidio Quirino - the Biography of the Hero of the Philippines

Was born on November, in Vigan, Ilocos Sur

He completed his degree in law at the University of the Philippines inStarted his mission to help others she became a teacher in a village in Vigan, and followed by an office in the Bureau of Lands. He has been with the Police Department, Manila, and then became the private secretary of Manuel Quezon, who was President of the Senate.

He was elected Vice President in with Manuel Roxas

Started his career in politics as an elected representative of Ilocus Sur in and became a senator in. His Mother is one of the members of the delegates who helped in the passage in the Attorney-mcduffie independence Act that eventually gave way to Freedom of the Philippines. Become part of the convention Quirino, who has prepared a constitution for the new Philippine Commonwealth. He was chosen by Pres Quezon to be the Secretary of the Treasury. Later, he became Secretary of the Interior in the government of the Commonwealth. When he was elected as Vice President of Roxas, he was working as the Secretary of the Treasury and became Secretary of Foreign Affairs. Quirino was captured and imprisoned during the Japanese occupation because of its resistance to the occupation. His wife, Alicia Syquia and their three children were killed by the Japanese soldiers. After the war, again he got his old position in the government.

However, became the president of the republic Quirino when he died it was the current president Manuel Roxas.

Run again Quirino for the president in the election of and won against candidates of the Nacionalista.

During the presidency of Quirino, his government has two main goals: recover the trust and confidence in the government, and restore peace and order. Sadly, it's just that his government has experienced bad publicity, and for the first time in the history of the Philippines, a therapy trial or the purpose of expulsion on the spot was brought against the president because of a golden arinola allegedly bought dates in a large amount with the money of the government. His six-year administration as president is recognized due to the reconstruction after the war, general income in the economy and higher economic assistance from the United States. However, the problem from the provincial areas and other problems in the society is still not resolved. The government during his term was spotted with rob in the government and corruption. The running dates for the second term in is believed to be one of pinakamaruming elections that took place in the country - following the election in which won Ferdinand Marcos through massive fraud and intimidation. In the elections in, Quirino was defeated by one of the greatest president in the history of the Philippines, Ramon Magsaysay. Despite all of the controversies during his presidency, his administration was recognized for its projects in the adventure industry, expansion of irrigation and improvement in the system of roads, the erection of the Central Bank and the provincial bank, and peace between the Philippines and Japan. After his defeat, he returned to the life of a normal citizen. He died on February, in his home in Novaliches.

The Department and Secretary of the Philippine Government

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Psorilax - evaluation of products, experiences, purchases in the Philippines

The first signs of psoriasis is general weakness, fatigue, languor or sorrow and in the final stage - the emergence of the wounds of psoriasis with a size of two millimetresJust so, when not ignored them, their dimensions and reach tens cm or greater. A comprehensive treatment using the Psorilax prevents inflammation, protects your skin from the inside and outside, promotes healing of the patches and prevents the formation of psoriasis. The alert cells will allow identical in cells of the human body and thus they have no effect. Embedded them deeper layers of the skin at the organic level and provides the framework for new healthy skin.

The well-known belief that it is impossible to cure psoriasis without expensive drug and an ointment and firmly fixed in the common mind in the short period of time.

Although not up-to-date chasing this since early, the majority still people believe that in order to eliminate the psoriasis and irritation, you need to go to the hospital and ask for a long and expensive treatment. However, not sticking to health care, especially in the field of dermatology (skin, nails, hair and the diseases its) One of the global discoveries of recent years is the cream against psoriasis, Psorilax, which can provide effective final treatment in one week. Interviewed by the editors of the “NEWSPAPER MEDICAL” eight the dermatologist with many years of experience in this field. No tutolnilang reported that quite a long time from when they began to recommend the Psorilax to their patients. In my practice, almost all of the few cases that make special therapy the patient (unfortunately, getting no changes). This usually happens during the third and fourth stages of psoriasis. However, the use of the cream Psorilax has radically changed the situation. Helps of the same great products at the initial stage of development of the problem and in severe cases, when it is impossible to cure it “without the drugs and special therapy”. Now, prescribed I just the medicine in extremely complex cases, and recommend that you try the cream it to anyone. The Psorilax is without a doubt the best product for treatment and prevention of psoriasis at home. Without a doubt, one of the main advantages of anti-psoriasis cream Psorilax the its ingredients. It contains a unique range of organic ingredients, which aim at removal of the causes of psoriasis. I would also like to note the presence of sweet oil of almonds, powerful controls a high-fat gland and highly effective panghalumigmig. The effect of the use of the cream that it is really wonderful. I believe that the Psorilax is a revolutionary equipment that radically changed the strategy of treatment of psoriasis and stopped the patient from having a costly and painful therapy. To cure psoriasis, high I recommend to my patients to use Psorilax. Easy to treated the problem in the third and fourth stage by removing the causes rather than the symptoms. I also recommend the use of cream to it for the purpose of opposing to ensure that you avoid the occurrence of psoriasis in the future. In performance Dr Guevarra with cases treated of Psorilax the severe cases of psoriasis. Here's an example: better to order Psorilax from the official web site of supplier. In this way you can avoid a fraudulent product, which instead of a positive effect can only strangle. We hope that from now on you will not be a victim of esteryotipo, but keep pace with time and use the pinakamasulong products sapaggamot of psoriasis.

OFW with homicide in the Philippines and hid in the UAE, back-country after arrest - Pinoy Abroad - Balitambayan

Naiuwi in the country last Friday morning an OFW who hid alleged to be in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates after being with extinguish alleged to be in the PhilippinesIn the report of GMA News TV's Quick Response Team' this Friday, identified the suspect as Jessie Cadiang with a warrant of arresr from the courts in Capas, Tarlac for in this case murder. According to Attorney Manuel Dimaano, chief of the NBI-International Airport Investigation Division, went Abu Dhabi is Cadiang in September. Come earlier in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport is Cadiang and take him to Capas, Tarlac where he did the case of the families of the victims that he murdered. FRJ, GMA News.

The conquest of American in the Philippines - the incident in the philippines

Says in the book of The Nail of the Limbas written by Dr

The conquest of American is a masquerading, which in the beginning was pretending to be the savior of the freedom of the Philippines, but later gradually removes the maskNemesio Prudente, the domination and hegemony of the term American in the Philippines, is divided into two periods or stages: The second is the indirect occupation that started after that “bestow” on July, the pretend political independence (neocolonialism) also Said to the author that are not true accidents the arrival of the Americans in the Philippines.

The their entry into the Philippines and throughout Asia is the impulse of selfish desire.

When it is said the time, points out that the former kolonyalistang countries such as Spain, Portugal, France and the Netherlands. Because of this, easily accomplished of the United States the expansion of its influence economical. Napadali the establishment they market in different countries in Asia that napagdadalhan they of their products the industrial and agricultural surplus to the needs of their citizens. According yet to the author, prepared good of the United States his system to do with the desire in Asia. Strengthened his navy and military to not outweigh the other country imperialist. Prepared this army, not only against both imperialist, but to ensure the success of the occupation if you don't mind the cover or if this in turn will rebel when captured. Asserted also of Prudente that the strengthening of the their armed forces are not the dictates of “honor and duty” of their country, but of monopolistang American opens a new task in America - the recent site ii. Recounted also in author the not great made by Americans, like fraud they to Aguinaldo, brutality and the not human punishment". Some yet in the world it is the following: broken out also in the book the American officials that harassed the Filipinos like by Hen. Arthur MacArthur, Hen. Frederick His Team-Mate. On the other side, also mentioned here the heroism of the Filipinos fight the Americans for the preservation of peace as was Gregorio del Pilar who gave his own life. Has value also in the book the name of the friend who was Chinese like Joseph Stark and Dr.

Douglas MacArthur, Colonel Jacob Smith and Hen

Sun Yat Sen who contributed to the fighting with the Americans. Also explained in the book the laws implemented since the Americans proving that they want to take over the Philippines such as sedition laws and more. Also described here how to make way for the Americans to destroy and change the culture and education Released by the sending school American in the Philippines and the use of English as the language cursor that aims to have the gap type of the Filipinos.

According to the book, this is an american imperialist: the pagpapalubha in the divisions and disputes of the people.

Also started, according to Prudente the shipping pensiyunadong Filipinos in America to create a Filipino American who will defend the interest of Americans in the country.

Goal also, according still to the author of the shipment that the pensiyunado in America to produce of bureaucratic English that more allies in the imperialist than the English. The introducing of the system of education based on Americans is a way of imperialist to cover not only the body, but to erase the still streak of nationalism in the minds of every Filipino. Therefore, according to Prudente, used of American education in the united kingdom.

Moreover, let the Americans die the industrial labor or household in the Philippines, due to the continued influx of wreath products American can fail in the rivalry.

This way of killing the industry), and the continued influx of products Americans became the reason of the continued existence of the life of the gentleman who was the cause why the farmers and workers in the Philippines remains poor and downtrodden.

The recent site Americans will not stand for long in the Philippines if they have no accomplice and ally in the country.

In the field, economic, the imperialist has alipures - lord landowner and example who is the direct beneficiaries in their direct conquest that. The always the victim of the release dates for new is the many number of farmers and workers. Here emerge the neo-colonialism, a level of fraud of recent site American, but is the highest.

The neo-colonialism or the modern way of conquest is a movement counter - revolutionaries a way of treatment to stop the increment of movement liberating, especially in the Asia.

The imperialism is the obstacle why you can not keep a country undeveloped in the way of capitalist development. Due to the continued persistence of imperialism in the Philippines, the society formed and strengthened in the country is a society malakolonyal and malapyudal. According to the book, it really wants that to happen of America - that the framework of the economy of the Philippines will be feudal to in the meantime is to be the supplier that only it of raw goods and tagaangkat of wreath products. The burukratang capitalist, political parties served as an accomplice of the imperialist.

All of the commandments and laws that they created and enforced is the law that the imperialist and their kind only hath the benefit.

The national crisis that it is, according to Prudente would end only with the dissolution of the unequal agreement of the Filipinos and Americans that underlying the term American in the Philippines. Should also according to the author to unite the workers under the foreign democratic nationalist. The management of American businesses here in the Philippines should be without ipasakamay said. And the most important of all, according yet to Prudente is the change in education, it must undergo the Shape to help in the dissolution of imperialism in the country. If there is truth or nothing is the name of Prudente to work in the Nail of the Limbas, as the Filipinos, you ought to safeguard our country and protect us in the work of aliens that can abduct again of our freedom. May we learn from the past and avoid that we are making decisions that are destructive to our country. The Philippines is our country, it is for us and we as Filipino is for him. What singer is doing, let us think of the good its for the Usa only excludes only motherland we.

The PSYCHOLOGY OF LANGUAGE: Toward a Pro-Filipino Research - FILIPINOTEK

Long also discusses why err from the path of the Filipino researchers to the knowledge of the spirit and how it maitutuwid Birdwhistle-gave of the term “global supply chain management”in all kinds of acts of the body used in communication Charles Darwin in he stated that there are similarities in the acts and habits of people even vary in their source culture due to some characteristic inherent in the people

Takeo Doi - the book Amae No Kozo(The Structure of Amae) -he discussed a unique way of thinking and communicating of Japanese -published the book Working with Filipinos by F.

Landa Child about the relationship of Filipino workers and foreigners in the five companies multinational that pinalakad here in the Philippines. Think of the Filipinos in other asian manager and technician (Japanese, Korean, Chinese-Taiwanese) Jean Claude Usunier-present of these rules available in a selection of subjects for kro-cultural research Good arawpo. I want to be thankful for with this Blog Site please visit of such as I teacher I wish po would seek your help in providing the correct part of a baby thesis - mini research concerning the behavior of Young Filipinos.

How to buy a house - advice from a real estate agency

The heating is the silmarillion and the individual

In the life of every man is come a time when he thinks about buying their own homeAt first glance it may seem the procedure will not cause difficulties and will need only a few days. But faced with the issue of documentation and other details of the design, it seems a dream to pipe.

To understand independently, without special skills and knowledge, not everyone can.

How to buy a home, while choosing the decent choice and not fall in the scammers, tell a professional agency of real estate. Nearby are grocery stores, a bank and a hospital.

If there are children in the family, then it is desirable to have a kindergarten, schools and other institutions for overall development.

It can also be used as garden, garden or playground

Important the interchange of traffic to have the bus stop next to which you can easily go to any place. Depending on the cost, with the building of the new and old buildings. In most new houses, ended the work has been completed, the buyer will only require repairs of cosmetic. The acquisition of secondary housing, you need to be prepared for the fact that the material investment and, in some cases, the call of a master or even a builder, is required. Looking around the room, the first thing that you need to pay attention to is the general condition of the foundation of the house, because it is the foundation of the building. It should look in the attic and inspect the roof One of the most important criteria is the presence of all communications, such as electricity, water, gas and heating. You need to understand that to restore the contract for the use of this service, you need to put a round sum of money and spend a lot of time in queues. Preference is given to the second option, because the owner can be one independently the temperature and, if not needed, switch off the device. When you buy a property, it is necessary to determine the number of rooms and the total square. The moment is usually interact negotiate with the realtor in advance. If the territory has a plot, then it allows you to make an extension in the future, thereby increasing the area of the house. There are many useful tips on Internet, how to buy a home, but should not forget that the whole process involves a lot of complex nuances that only a real professional deal. Want to save money, some customers refuse the help of a realtor, do not realize that they are in danger of falling into the hands of an unscrupulous seller. In addition to these benefits, it should be noted that, with the collaboration of experienced workers, a person feels more confident and calm at the same time. Due to the valuable advice, it becomes easier the process of choosing a property. After hearing the preferences of the clients, judged by the realtor in the database a list of suitable options and contact the host to discuss date and time of the meeting. Before buying a home, paying the buyer a certain amount of collateral, thereby guarantee the seriousness of purpose. Within a month, you need of the seller to correct all of the shortcomings and repay the possible loan for equipment. If you ever do not comply with the conditions, he is making to pay material compensation.

Must give the landlord the necessary list of documents.

If you consider the house, there must be certificate for real estate. In the presence of the framework, issued also the relevant law. Important to compare the actual dimensions of the land specified in the enrollment. In the book of the house you can see the number of the registered person. Especially be careful, if among them, there is a minor child and a military man. But it should not be afraid, tell you realtor what you should pay attention to and take control of the situation. When buying a part of a household, the statements of the co-owners that are not against the sale is collected. After unleash all from the book of house, purchase of the buyer the original of the passport and the code of identification confirming his identity.

Next, transmits the agency of the case to the office of the notary.

At the request of the client, you get further advice from the notary, that will tell you how to buy a home, while observed all the rules of registration. It affirms the authenticity of all documents above and preparing it for sale. Before the transaction, the buyer should re-read the contract several times and become familiar with all conditions.

Recommended to do this rule with full responsibility.

If you have any questions either party, discuss it and make corrections if necessary. Important to check the data of the person entered in the database, because the existence of errors in the future may cause many problems. If all is in order, the whole process will take about an hour. After passed the all of the signatures, the representative should take the issue of the original, certified copy of the certificate and an official took from the register. The certificate is a special form, certified by an authorized position of the specialist. It contains a list of details proving the identity of the customer, the data indicating the ownership of the seller, the declared value of the transaction and the exact time which required open of selling the place. In the end, the date and details of the notary to perform the registration procedure is indicated.

More information about it can be found on the Internet.

For example, on this page you have the opportunity to identify what is a real estate agency. or in other resources on your request.


The Congress of the Philippines is a major manufacturers of law of the PhilippinesIt bikameral body consisting of the high council, the Senate, and the lower house, the House of Representatives. Consists of twenty-four senators in the Senate, ihinahalal half of it every three years. The senators are elected by each electorate and do not represent any geographical district. Comprising the House of Representatives not later than legislators There are two types of legislators: the district and the sectoral representatives. Represented a district legislature a particular geographical district of the country. Consists of one or more district kongresyunal all of the provinces in the country. With own also the district kongresyunal the few cities, along with other cities with two or more representatives. Represented in turn the sectoral legislator the minority sectors of the population. Gives attention to the minority groups to have a representative in the Congress, in case not properly their representation by district representatives. Also known as deputy party list, represented by the other sector legislators unions workers, a group that promotes the rights, and other association.

A heritage as a filipino culture, traditions, and customs of the united states

The filipinos are fond to believe in the superstition

One that in the race of filipinos adhere to the habit and traditionsCulture natutuhunan on socializing with citizens or society we belong to. The culture shared satin of the lifestyle and habits of kaninuninuan we even when not yet forgotten Culture disadvantages of the country of the philippines abroad. Culture so stood up the traditions they have until the next tradition. With different cultures the certainly until the present is being conducted still.

With different customs also the serving sign of respect regardless of habits.

The belief in even one thing.

Culture began to kaninuninuan we now I d more stops

The FESTIVAL that even where to go maykakainan you, games leisurely and pinalalangin always is the festival for your people hungry on the day of the festival but even san go with the pass by you that dinner party. SERENADE the release of the content of the heart but in love he is singing in the house of a woman. Proof of love but in love nya. Much cooler satin of kaninuninuannatin different celebration the habitual that we do.

Practice the says of 'PO' and 'OPO' in the older satin at the front is just audible and pagmano and kissing on the cheek at the front is still visible.

Collaboration and organisational policies in other areas. the practice ipinagmalalaki until it comes to a different place.

The culture really is a wealth that comes from our ancestors.

Nakahit which carried the priest nati the customs of a filipino people. I'm Catalina, loved, hurt, requested to Note and try again. Life is playful and laughing at me of fate in my chosen way. The love is of the opposite is this pain. I was about to give up but in my surrender I will look at the Notes for the last time and you're there. There you are. Until again my truly beloved. An online lovestory of Traver and Aksana.

The rights of buyers in the price, refund

You may not know of all buyers, but they have rights under the law to protect them from fraud or defective products

That's discussed in the 'Conversation De Campanilla' own Wednesday: the rights of the consumer when it comes to the purchase of the product, including the call-refund of the goods, and knowing the right price of it.

Under the Republic Act or better known as 'Price Tag Law' set forth the rights of consumers to protect against exploitation, no matter how big or small the store. According to the Department of Trade and Industry Undersecretary Ruth Castelo, underlying in RA the rights of the consumer to pay for repair, return, or call refund of the defective product. He defined that do not cover here the underwear or swimwear, or to goods that are for sale, or sold with discounts. When it comes to products already for sale, must advise first the buyers that taboo to refund them before the transaction. Inihalimbawa he pagpaskil some carry their promo even exhausted their promo products, contrary it is said in the law. Yield Castelo, should eliminates the such advertisements if exhausted their supply for the promotion Moreover, there are some situation it is said which the more highly charged the cashier of the supermarket than the placed price tag. Yield Castelo, should said followed the amount on the price tag that is posted with the product.

Cry of President Duterte: Federalismo the solution to the problem of the Philippines - PhilippineOne

It is now trying to push the government Duterte

The federalismo is a type of government that provides exclusive management in the regions of a countryIn federalismo, a country is divided into different states or state where it has the ability and kapangayarihang rule freely in countries such as the imposition of taxes and making of their own laws in local time. Only some of the popular country federalismo this type of management is the Russian Federation, United States, USSR, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and India. Before his advertising last year that he will run for president has announced that president Duterte his willingness to shift from the unitary towards the federal state the form of government of the Philippines. Saad yet he is this can be the solution to the problems facing the country. But the past month has been"the president against the counter drugs and even terrorism in the country almost's not mentioned again the federalism. But, its only August is again calling for the president to amend the constitution to put a stop to that growing problem in Mindanao. It the his saad the he attended the Philippine Development Forum in Mandaluyong city on August.

According to a video made by a Russian support of president Duterte, the federalismo will not only help to solve the problem in Mindanao, if not be in the whole country.

Ie, almost all of the power and authority is delegated to a centralized government. One aspect of this is the income and funds of each region will go all centralized government. And from there, the budget will be distributed back to each region based on the value set by the government. In federalismo, the power is divided between the National Federal Government and Local State Government. The Philippines is divided into different states and each state will keep of their income and funds and only twenty goes to the federal national government. From of each state, the thirty will go to the local state and the seventy in the province, city, municipality and barangay. Each state is there are own set of senators and representatives. The legislative powers are divided between the national federal government and local state government. In other words, the national federal government is responsible in matters military and protection of the whole country. The local state government in turn will be responsible for their own state, where every local government has more control over the project, budget and the passage of the law. ” In other words is more focus of attention of our national government the care and protection of the country and local state government also take care on the drying of the infrastructure in the respective state. It is not surprising that the countries Russia and America is called the superpowers countries. So there is no wonder how high-tech the war of the such countries because the twenty from the local state government is naifo focus on things and with their military and police force. Can also happen is magpapatalbugan in decorating the officers of the respective state to not maangatan of others.

Embarrassing nga naman if pakaiisipin that the state beside you has napakaunlad that while your state is still not.

Last year was said of President Duterte that he would trying to access a constitution by a constituent assembly which would meet the creator of the law to discuss thoroughly the change or charter change.

But, also said of the president that tomorrow he with the idea to make a constitutional commission that kinasasalihan of former justices.

It was last year only is also issued Executive Order no. tens the President to come up with twenty-five members of the consultative body to review the Constitution. Believe I he that not all stated in the constitution can still be applied during we now.

“Right now our government is a unitary form of government

But, if pakaiisipin can indeed time for change in type of government of the Philippines because after so many years that the kind of our government is unitary, without much progress, who felt the Filipinos. If ever iaapprove the federalisom in the country the more it will help satin. It would be nice for your village or city if it is in the bottom of the federalismo.

Whereas, fifty of your accumulated funds (of inyogn city) will be upon you and fifty turn to the national federal gov't.

If so, mgiging low the price could of the goods and the more will be the your city. for me, people really change so much as some years it is still the system of government but nothing changes. YES TO FEDERALISM. I think the"system of unitary is non yet we are too ripe for use in the development. Let's try yung federalism might, more beautiful life for all of us, reduce it the poor For it to Razel Resula. I respect your writing news but when I read the article, I perceived mistake you use an elixir of life used.

As of the release of “without” to “of”.

As well as the use of “wonder” should be “magical” (the first spelling of the word root the word, not the prefix. Unchanged the affix, only the word root only.) But, if pakaiisipin can indeed time for change in type of government of the Philippines because after so many years that the kind of our government is unitary, without much progress, who felt the Filipinos. This is right: “But if pakaiisipin may indeed the time of the change in type of government of the united kingdom, whereas in the past many years the type of government is unitary, without much prosperity that felt the” Fallacy of the calls in the last sentence you made, it is hasty the generalization, or the paggegeneralize without much prosperity to the Filipinos. Not sure progressive the rich “no less prosperity” Many projects have been performed in recent years signs of progress. This is a message for your better writing.

And because wise Filipino, majority of read its is not that noticed you ignored.

Lol. Sarey ignoring me.

DNA testing for Immigration

DNA Diagnostics Center offers different classes of service of DNA testing to help individuals who need to provide evidence of the relations biological for the purpose of immigrationOur immigration department, with over a decade of experience, is very familiar with the rules and guidelines in the immigration of different agencies and countries. Based on the IND, UK embassies, and many immigration office around the world, the laboratory makes the analysis of DNA for the purpose of immigration is required with certification from the International Organization of Standardization (ISO). Our laboratory is certified by the ISO for the efficiency of the laboratory according to ISO - IEC standards It is also accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), an organization that asks of the highest standards in the analysis of DNA. Please read our page of Accreditation of the Laboratory for additional information about certification and accreditation of our laboratory Many clients the use of different DNA testing DNA Diagnostics Centre to prove the relations biological citizens of the UK who also sponsor their immigration to the UK. Our analysis in paternity and other tests of family relationship provides way valid results that usually exceeds more requirement of DNA testing for immigration of different countries. The following is a brief overview of the process of DNA testing for immigration DNA Diagnostics Centre.


The rape, according to the Law in the Philippines, is considered a criminal offenseIn the society of the Filipinos, it is a heinous crime punishable by imprisonment for life. The Law Against Rape of (the Anti-Rape Law of), which changed the previous definition of rape according to the defined of the Revised Penal Code of (Revised Penal Code of), now refers to the crime of rape as follows. By a person having knowledge in the flesh a woman under the following circumstances: b. When the offended have been the reason refused or on the other hand is unconscious d.

When the offended is under twelve years old or not, even though none of the circumstances mentioned but equivalent to the aforementioned above.

By any person who, under any of the circumstances mentioned in paragraph one thereof, to be allocated to an act of sexual assault by inserting his penis into the mouth of another person or in ass, or any instrument or object, into the genital or anal other people. The changes expanded the definition of rape to a more clear interpretation and counting crime as a crime against persons instead of, as previously, included or counted it in the crimes against cleanliness. The statistics in the cases of rape are usually based on the records of the police.

More often, they are not accurate and not a true representation of the problem, related to rape as strong evidence in women said victims of rape.

Moreover, women are more likely not to report cases of rape if it will have only little or no support from their families, law enforcement agencies and nauukulang sector and government agency. In the Philippines, the Asian Women's Resource Exchange (AWORC), an Internet-based about the information of the women, is able of cases of rape that occurred in the Philippines in the first four months of. In the first semester of only, with, children have been victims of rape, attempted rape, 'incest', acts of lasciviousness and prostitution. As in, rape continued to be a problem, in most cases not naisasangguni with knowledge. There have been reports of rape and sexual abuse of women in police or women from poor groups, such as suspected prostitutes, drug users, and lower income individuals arrested for minor crimes. The situation will continue in, with the number of reported rape cases increasing to. According to studies conducted in schools show that for every three Filipino children, one child experiences abuse. In the first semester of only, with, children who fell as victims of rape, attempted rape, incest, acts of lasciviousness and prostitution. Rape is always associated with the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, especially Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). In a conservative country like the Philippines where a praise of femininity are promoted as a virtue, the shame of being a victim of rape is a deep wound in the victim. The same attitude is to blame the victims, naming the woman as 'a flirt' cause of action, wittingly or unwittingly, through various signals of pangrahuyo or invitation.

The group of women like GABRIELA provides counseling for nagulping women, rape victims and other victims of violence against women. The Goddess Crisis Centre Foundation helps victims of rape and incest The Support Group Volunteers provide assistance, and psychological interference.

If suitable, the case will be referred to other agencies for more specialist help. The Women's Crisis Centre provides temporary accommodation, medical assistance and advocacy, legal assistance and advocacy, and stress management, it has two particularly innovative part - counseling women, and a salvation of the Support Group victims of rape.

how to help the sector of agriculture in the lifestyle of people in the community

The agricultural sector is conducive to the lifestyle of the people in the community for routine occupations

especially those in the house only and not to graduate studies This is for any female worker.

regardless of age.

and state civil. is entitled to special leave benefits If you were to aadbokasya of a project - program. what projects or programs it What are the benefits available to society from it.

PHANNPRIVATE SALE MINDLINK - Blockchain eLearning platfromPH

To solve the problems that exist in traditional education, offering the MindLink of the convenient application that will serve as a superstructure for the usual process of education and including the additional accommodations available to students around the world: a new generation connection in the video including the communication capabilities of private and group, and the ability to stream conferences and seminars, with the possibility of recording and distributionWe are creating an environment where a feedback will continue to be developed to quickly react to necessary changes and to fill the room of improvement. The environment, where the implementation of the Blockchain and smart contracts will provide the whole community with the ability to interact with each other on a trust basis. This removes all doubts about the authenticity of the knowledge or certificates granted. Easy to use the software so will get more students who are forced to use applications that are not designed specifically for the learning goals.

Answers to these particular questions will be searched all around the Internet, often requires substantial resources of time and although it is a struggle to find the most suitable course or information.

The issue of trust is solved due to the blockchain, no more fake rating and feedbacks, including"cheat experts.

Our solution saves time and money for those interested, while it provides students with a suitable range of training and teachers choose their own ways and methods of knowledge sharing.

The businesses and corporations is available our solution to simplify the process of pagrerekrenda.

The portals of education are given the tools to expand their number of users.

The ability to configure and design your own course, using the dedicated interactive tool is a changer of the game. The care guide based on the study of the machine will never leave a person who is not pleased with the experience obtained with the use of the application. Available to the makers of the content the ability to protect their intellectual property as well as effectively monetize it. The way of payment will be transparent and most convenient for all parties. The employer will reduce reduce the the cost in hiring and the large number of mistakes in hiring, due to an improved podium of interaction, reducing the number of fraud to almost zero and giving the ability of businesses to present the course to teach specialist training with the most important and practical skills or knowledge. The necessary tools to create a own study plan will be given to all users, regardless of the method of the study: training videos, materials in reading, engagement in online or live discussions. With implement the possibility to have the online-conference for the study of the group. Each participant of our ecosystem, which intends to offer his knowledge to others, can compile native structure of a course in a convenient and acceptable form with the online course designers. Additional emphasis is placed on providing simple and intuitive user interface, suitable for both advanced and not having users. Regardless of the field of knowledge, anyone can become a participant of the system of MindLink. One of the main criteria of the global system of knowledge is accessibility. The need that is causing additional demand for materials organization and their further distribution. Opens this possibility to take part in the process for editors, translators, copywriters, etc. There are no restrictions on the content of courses and materials that are levied, as long as it does not violate the law, and no contains calls for violence, racism or crime doesn't exist. All users are given the ability to set prices for their services, there are no restrictions about the price of the course. The only requirement to follow is to keep all transactions within the structured MindLink. The better way to make the transaction is to proceed to them by MLToken, because the solution to manage the token in a similar way to the fiat money is certainly developed. Meanwhile, the payment of MLToken is not mandatory, but the bonus applies to the user of the token as source of payment. The filling of the initial content will be provided at the time of product launch. Content created by working closely with engaged partners and further cooperation with them. As a partner, the legal body such as universities or portals that education will help us through the digitalize of the information to their established and shared it in our storage data however any individual can take part also in this process. For the purpose mentioned above, the in-app the thematic portal will be created to give universities and other key partners the data they have. In addition to collaboration with our partners, the ongoing process of renewal and updating of our database from open sources, is established. The tracking intellectual property is always an expensive process. Due to the high costs of protection in copyright is maintained only with the help of a third party involved - the specialized structures and organizations. In the implementation of blockchain technology even the independent publisher can protect and track all usage of any particular resource and the publisher. Through the use of smart-contract the authorized use of intellectual property of a person for a certain reward becomes possible. The smart-contract will be more complicated in a simple agreement. This can provide a great range of opportunities to our partners (Universities, Educational portal) and simple teacher. Simple use case: - The courses of the students can be paid to a company in recruiting, if the student has passed successfully the certification period, or if he got more than a certain amount of points Tools of the designer- unique architecture for the creation of training through the compiling of in-app Advertised sites are not endorsed. Beautiful concept of this project, would be successful the ICO its. I always visit tong thread for maupdate me. Beautiful concept of this project, would be successful the ICO its. I always visit tong thread for maupdate me. Good Luck Really nice project because it make the team of the Mindlink application for solve some problems on a transaction. And for help those who use it. During this time you can join in the token sale for get enough ML tokens to use this in the coming season. help the mind link. Latest update near the waiting of all, The opening of the main-sale will take place tomorrow afternoon: CET, you Can participate and for get a good bonus. Many thanks.


Just have the little archipelago or island

In the very first days of the world, no named country of the PhilippinesAnd when not still with the Philippines in the world there lived here a bardugala or ogre. With him live his three daughters who were Minda, Lus and Visayan. A day necessary leave of father ogre to hunt animals or hunt in another part of the island.

The cave of giants are in the midst of the Pacific ocean

Requirements stay the three female siblings so pinagbilin he three: 'Do I have to leave our cave'. The instruction of the father, 'just Stay you on the inside because there is risk and danger in outdoor.

Watch out for you I'm just inside a cave'.

Without stuck that the father giant, fashion and nagimis of the cave the brothers and sisters.

Lininis they good for please their daddy.

But they do not assistant in the making is Minda, because it's not listening and obedient to the father.

They discovered that the left shovel of the burrow is Minda and naglakwatsa in with the sea.

Not even said good-bye to the brothers and sisters. Comfort comfort is Mindang playing along nagtilamsikan in the sea. Nagpasyal-jaunt she and he had not noticed that far that he was on the coast and the shore of the sea. While he was walking, a massive wave that is relatively awkward to eat with Minda. Crying he while blown by the massive wave in the middle sea. 'Help me.' Cry of Minda. Heard nina Luz and Are the cry of Minda, because it reaches the cry inside the cave. Stopped making the two.

'Why, Minda asks for help.' says Luz that nanlalaki the eyes in surprise.

'Certainly, come accelerate us.' says Are 'Why so, what is yun.'Dalian that they run in the coastal sea. Think here, lingon there. They saw inhale water the brother. 'By or, in far' cry at the same time teachings of Luz'No you swim is Minda ah' says no, run to turn two. At the same time cries of Lus. Instantaneous they went down to Minda, deep shovel there. It took they their hands over their brethren, as they were stretched by the giant wave. Sideways-paling, kick, reach of the hands, crying, shouting and there is no stopping beck. Unfortunately the three lady of the ogre is no longer there. When the giant wonder was why no come up to him.

Previously used nakasigaw to the delight of the three the other child if come alive.

None of the three in the cave's one is not there. 'Where so went hija my daughter.' He asked himself 'Where did you and Luz, Minda, and Melody.'There is no answer. View dates around, nothing there. She went to some nearby island of shadows nothing. 'Maybe so there went people and induced them picked up.' said the giant to himself. Suddenly surge again and kumulog of malakaa. Always the father and he thought that cows had drowned three. Moved so far away and not mess up the giants. He saw the residue of some piece of clothing of the children hanging in the stone. For continually she saw the three hand raised and asking for help. He remembered suddenly that he's not allowed to take them. Jump in the sea the giant, to mind only the way he is the image of three hands raised, he lost strength. 'Children, what else. None of that' Pile the breath of the father. Stand, sit, look away. One by one, looked in every little stone and wood in the far difference. And tired and sweat, rested on a rock and not couldn't sleep. Long slumber the name of the poor giant. Without wake up the giant, pinunas the eyes, there she saw nothing there previously. Stand up suddenly and looked good. 'What is it Whence the three meetings.

They so the three of them.' Power of the self, increasingly grow sad feelings of father orphan.

'The three meeting them. sina Luz, Minda and many it.' says he aloud. And from henceforth called the Luzon, Visayan and Sea the three islands. Here came the country of the Philippines. In the south of Asia It is part of the Philippines in the southern part of Asia. Gold Lesson Moral: Doing my duty to the brethren. Listen to older and parents. It need to flourish in the country of Philippines. The History the study of events in the past period and how it affects people in the present. Saying 'History repeats itself'. So why it is important to study the history or history. Because we have learned the former attitude of the people that will help understand mistakes and the world we.

Customs clearance en francais. Customs clearance Sens et Traduction Du filipino vers le français

Pour utiliser le sitevous devez activer JavaScript Nous espérons que cela vous aidera dans votre apprentissage des langues étrangères.


Ferdinand Marcos was the tenth president of the Philippines

He managed the country in the space of twenty and one years, from until he was overthrow by People Power inHe was baptized into the Philippine Independent Church. His father Mariano Marcos was a politician in their province. And the name of his mother was Josefa Edralin. Ferdinand Marcos along with his father, brother Pio and brother-in-law Quirino Lizardo were judged guilty of the murder of Julio Nalundasan. Is Nalundasan is the protagonist in the politics of his father. Written offender they are by appealing to the Supreme Court in.

He is a nice student akademiks man or in different games like boxing, swimming and wrestling.

Nice also had a speaker and writer in the newspaper of their university. He graduated college with honors cum laude.

What would she achieve the magna cum laude if not he trapped twenty and seven days.

Born September, in Sarrat, Ilocos Norte

With gifts from pagmemorya Ferdinand Marcos. He could memorize the difficult words and to recite it, not just at the beginning be from the rear back to the beginning. One here the Constitution of the Philippines. Married Ferdinand Marcos Imelda Romualdez-Marcos, on May. Become child is Imee Marcos-current governor of Ilocos. And followed it Ferdinand “Ferdinand” Marcos, Jr.

that a senator of the Philippines and the latter is Irene Marcos.

On his election as president in, he said in his SONA his plans to develop the economy and make reforms in the government of the Philippines. To accomplish his goal, he used the people and the treasure of the Armed Force of the Philippines in the construction of infrastructure, planning in the economy, the plan-industry in each region and growing in the community. Under his management, became part of the united kingdom in the war in Vietnam. It is called the Philippines Civic Action Group (PHILCAG) with the number, six hundred soldiers in. Reaches, soldiers served in Vietnam in until. He is the first Filipino to be re-elected as president of the Philippines in. Used raw was Mark in his campaign Dollars million, binibintang from raw in the ark of the Philippines. There was a constitutional convention in to replace the Commonwealth Constitution.

It is aimed to replace the type of government from the presidential it will be parliamentary.

This will allow to stay in power is the Mark of more over.

Between the years and powered he the forces of the military by adding people, from, to.

The Marcos Regime in the validity of Presidential Decree act enacted in April, that young adults fifteen to eighteen will be sent to the province to undergo a ritual that program of having a full loyalty to the first couple. Annulled of Mark in Parliament the Martial Law on January.

But by the opposition, it is not realistic because just like in turn of the government expose-elegance since arriving in Pope John Paul II. Re-won the election Mark on June Because here also metabolic the opposition United Nationalists Democratic Organization (UNIDO) - The fled in of Benigno Aquino, Sr.

was the reason to form the People Power in. Many Filipinos believed that the family of Mark put Aquino. The Peoples Power during Marcos from his power. He fled with his pamiliya to Hawaiii on February. He died in Honolulu, Hawaii on September, due to complications in kidney, heart and lungs. His relics are currently housed in a refrigerated crypt in their house in Ilocos. In the Global Transparency Report, take the name of Mark as the most corrupt leader in the whole world. He was second to former president of Indonesia was Suharto. And saying that gather he of Dollars five billion until the Dollar tens billion in the space of twenty and one year of tenure as president of the Philippines. The debt of the Philippines to the United States in has reached the Dollar million. It is grown up Dollars three billion designated in the Philippines as the country with the largest debt in the whole Asia. The nakapakalaking amount that it went to members of the family Mark and its friends. The debt that it is saying that until now is still paying of the Philippine government from the taxes of the Filipino people. The family of Marcos and Romualdez became the direct owner or share of big companies like the Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT), Philippine Airlines (PAL), Meralco Fortune Tobacco, the San Miguel, ABS-CBN, BDO and some property in New York, California and Hawaii.

Many say that a great president Ferdinand Marcos to the first.

But later is seemed abused raw he it and blinded in the brightness of the power. His attempt to make government parlyamentarya the Philippines was independent course of development. But claims to have been chronic still said the theft of the ark of the Philippines. Many are grateful that you formed the People Power and not remained blind Filipinos.

Free tuition, monthly allowance, offer to the GROUCHY scholar

must be the child or dependent is incoming freshman

Free tuitions and monthly allowance offered by the Government Service Insurance System (TOD) for children or dependents of their members who intend to apply as a scholar. The active and regular member of the TOD plan to apply will need admission to the following requirements of the agency: - With permanent employee status - Salary Grade twenty-four down - In the service of three years up - Nakapaghulog of the premium contributions of the six months. Admission also children or dependents of permanent total disability problem that sixty year old down Extra PRINCIPLESstudents of the - or -year course and received college or university that is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). The GROUCHY scholar graduating with identification will receive an extra reward from the agency.

UN human rights chief: Investigate si Duterte - News - Tagalog Newspaper Tabloid

Requested by the human rights chief of the United Nations to the authorities of the Philippines on Tuesday to investigate President Rodrigo Duterte after to say that he killed the man then and investigate the “appalling epidemic of extra-judicial killings” that have been made in the campaign against drugsBeginning seated on the spot in June is Duterte and launch the campaign against illegal drugs, more than, people have died. This is following the statement of Duterte in his speech recently that when he was mayor yet of Davao City in, he killed three suspected kidnapper in an encounter with three police. Also said of the President that previously is span he the city aboard a motorcycle for search of criminals to be killed to imitate him by the police. According to Zeid, the acts of Duterte stated in the constitution of the Philippines and the claims pamamaslang of the President are in violation also of international law. Also told the UN official that the encouragement of Duterte to others is maaituturing to incitement to violence Declared he also of concern in the determination of Duterte that the police who have committed violations of human rights that they are not penalized.