Ferdinand Marcos was the tenth president of the Philippines

He managed the country in the space of twenty and one years, from until he was overthrow by People Power inHe was baptized into the Philippine Independent Church. His father Mariano Marcos was a politician in their province. And the name of his mother was Josefa Edralin. Ferdinand Marcos along with his father, brother Pio and brother-in-law Quirino Lizardo were judged guilty of the murder of Julio Nalundasan. Is Nalundasan is the protagonist in the politics of his father. Written offender they are by appealing to the Supreme Court in.

He is a nice student akademiks man or in different games like boxing, swimming and wrestling.

Nice also had a speaker and writer in the newspaper of their university. He graduated college with honors cum laude.

What would she achieve the magna cum laude if not he trapped twenty and seven days.

Born September, in Sarrat, Ilocos Norte

With gifts from pagmemorya Ferdinand Marcos. He could memorize the difficult words and to recite it, not just at the beginning be from the rear back to the beginning. One here the Constitution of the Philippines. Married Ferdinand Marcos Imelda Romualdez-Marcos, on May. Become child is Imee Marcos-current governor of Ilocos. And followed it Ferdinand “Ferdinand” Marcos, Jr.

that a senator of the Philippines and the latter is Irene Marcos.

On his election as president in, he said in his SONA his plans to develop the economy and make reforms in the government of the Philippines. To accomplish his goal, he used the people and the treasure of the Armed Force of the Philippines in the construction of infrastructure, planning in the economy, the plan-industry in each region and growing in the community. Under his management, became part of the united kingdom in the war in Vietnam. It is called the Philippines Civic Action Group (PHILCAG) with the number, six hundred soldiers in. Reaches, soldiers served in Vietnam in until. He is the first Filipino to be re-elected as president of the Philippines in. Used raw was Mark in his campaign Dollars million, binibintang from raw in the ark of the Philippines. There was a constitutional convention in to replace the Commonwealth Constitution.

It is aimed to replace the type of government from the presidential it will be parliamentary.

This will allow to stay in power is the Mark of more over.

Between the years and powered he the forces of the military by adding people, from, to.

The Marcos Regime in the validity of Presidential Decree act enacted in April, that young adults fifteen to eighteen will be sent to the province to undergo a ritual that program of having a full loyalty to the first couple. Annulled of Mark in Parliament the Martial Law on January.

But by the opposition, it is not realistic because just like in turn of the government expose-elegance since arriving in Pope John Paul II. Re-won the election Mark on June Because here also metabolic the opposition United Nationalists Democratic Organization (UNIDO) - The fled in of Benigno Aquino, Sr.

was the reason to form the People Power in. Many Filipinos believed that the family of Mark put Aquino. The Peoples Power during Marcos from his power. He fled with his pamiliya to Hawaiii on February. He died in Honolulu, Hawaii on September, due to complications in kidney, heart and lungs. His relics are currently housed in a refrigerated crypt in their house in Ilocos. In the Global Transparency Report, take the name of Mark as the most corrupt leader in the whole world. He was second to former president of Indonesia was Suharto. And saying that gather he of Dollars five billion until the Dollar tens billion in the space of twenty and one year of tenure as president of the Philippines. The debt of the Philippines to the United States in has reached the Dollar million. It is grown up Dollars three billion designated in the Philippines as the country with the largest debt in the whole Asia. The nakapakalaking amount that it went to members of the family Mark and its friends. The debt that it is saying that until now is still paying of the Philippine government from the taxes of the Filipino people. The family of Marcos and Romualdez became the direct owner or share of big companies like the Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT), Philippine Airlines (PAL), Meralco Fortune Tobacco, the San Miguel, ABS-CBN, BDO and some property in New York, California and Hawaii.

Many say that a great president Ferdinand Marcos to the first.

But later is seemed abused raw he it and blinded in the brightness of the power. His attempt to make government parlyamentarya the Philippines was independent course of development. But claims to have been chronic still said the theft of the ark of the Philippines. Many are grateful that you formed the People Power and not remained blind Filipinos.