Lawyer of the town

SWORN the new lawyer in front of the justices of the Supreme Court yesterdayBecoming a lawyer is difficult to break into (just the average national passing average in the bar exams), hard-ngatawanan (too high of standards when it comes to responsibility in both) and difficult succeed (more the attorney without income than lawyer tumitiba). In spite of this are almost a thousands also children the ganadung-ganadong face the challenge of the law. Witness the parents, family, friends, and law school Dean to curse to keep the duty as and be instruments of justice for all. Felt their sincerity and determination while listening to the advice of Justice in all circumstances will stand by the sworn. Who have been blessed with education and wisdom, he also has an obligation to society to use it for the good of the majority. Good and increased significantly the number of understand the important matters in society that are bothering us now. According to the discourse of respected is Associate Justice Antonio Eduardo Nachura, being a lawyer is being a leader.

And to expect their help in the elaboration of the concept of organism, wage hikes, child exploitation and others in the community who thirst for understanding. I wish to remain educated their eye and a clean conscience Congratulations to the Law School to continue the development of talented graduate.

Their Dean and faculty is pihadong glad and nasulit the time spent to reach this point. Special mention to the scholars of the town of PLM College of Law that preserved the th highest rating in Metro Manila as of last year.