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It is now trying to push the government Duterte

The federalismo is a type of government that provides exclusive management in the regions of a countryIn federalismo, a country is divided into different states or state where it has the ability and kapangayarihang rule freely in countries such as the imposition of taxes and making of their own laws in local time. Only some of the popular country federalismo this type of management is the Russian Federation, United States, USSR, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and India. Before his advertising last year that he will run for president has announced that president Duterte his willingness to shift from the unitary towards the federal state the form of government of the Philippines. Saad yet he is this can be the solution to the problems facing the country. But the past month has been"the president against the counter drugs and even terrorism in the country almost's not mentioned again the federalism. But, its only August is again calling for the president to amend the constitution to put a stop to that growing problem in Mindanao. It the his saad the he attended the Philippine Development Forum in Mandaluyong city on August.

According to a video made by a Russian support of president Duterte, the federalismo will not only help to solve the problem in Mindanao, if not be in the whole country.

Ie, almost all of the power and authority is delegated to a centralized government. One aspect of this is the income and funds of each region will go all centralized government. And from there, the budget will be distributed back to each region based on the value set by the government. In federalismo, the power is divided between the National Federal Government and Local State Government. The Philippines is divided into different states and each state will keep of their income and funds and only twenty goes to the federal national government. From of each state, the thirty will go to the local state and the seventy in the province, city, municipality and barangay. Each state is there are own set of senators and representatives. The legislative powers are divided between the national federal government and local state government. In other words, the national federal government is responsible in matters military and protection of the whole country. The local state government in turn will be responsible for their own state, where every local government has more control over the project, budget and the passage of the law. ” In other words is more focus of attention of our national government the care and protection of the country and local state government also take care on the drying of the infrastructure in the respective state. It is not surprising that the countries Russia and America is called the superpowers countries. So there is no wonder how high-tech the war of the such countries because the twenty from the local state government is naifo focus on things and with their military and police force. Can also happen is magpapatalbugan in decorating the officers of the respective state to not maangatan of others.

Embarrassing nga naman if pakaiisipin that the state beside you has napakaunlad that while your state is still not.

Last year was said of President Duterte that he would trying to access a constitution by a constituent assembly which would meet the creator of the law to discuss thoroughly the change or charter change.

But, also said of the president that tomorrow he with the idea to make a constitutional commission that kinasasalihan of former justices.

It was last year only is also issued Executive Order no. tens the President to come up with twenty-five members of the consultative body to review the Constitution. Believe I he that not all stated in the constitution can still be applied during we now.

“Right now our government is a unitary form of government

But, if pakaiisipin can indeed time for change in type of government of the Philippines because after so many years that the kind of our government is unitary, without much progress, who felt the Filipinos. If ever iaapprove the federalisom in the country the more it will help satin. It would be nice for your village or city if it is in the bottom of the federalismo.

Whereas, fifty of your accumulated funds (of inyogn city) will be upon you and fifty turn to the national federal gov't.

If so, mgiging low the price could of the goods and the more will be the your city. for me, people really change so much as some years it is still the system of government but nothing changes. YES TO FEDERALISM. I think the"system of unitary is non yet we are too ripe for use in the development. Let's try yung federalism might, more beautiful life for all of us, reduce it the poor For it to Razel Resula. I respect your writing news but when I read the article, I perceived mistake you use an elixir of life used.

As of the release of “without” to “of”.

As well as the use of “wonder” should be “magical” (the first spelling of the word root the word, not the prefix. Unchanged the affix, only the word root only.) But, if pakaiisipin can indeed time for change in type of government of the Philippines because after so many years that the kind of our government is unitary, without much progress, who felt the Filipinos. This is right: “But if pakaiisipin may indeed the time of the change in type of government of the united kingdom, whereas in the past many years the type of government is unitary, without much prosperity that felt the” Fallacy of the calls in the last sentence you made, it is hasty the generalization, or the paggegeneralize without much prosperity to the Filipinos. Not sure progressive the rich “no less prosperity” Many projects have been performed in recent years signs of progress. This is a message for your better writing.

And because wise Filipino, majority of read its is not that noticed you ignored.

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