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Change in the Philippines

Should be one just follows and not the other

First is EDUCATION - should make PUBLIC SCHOOL all of the so-called PRIVATE SCHOOL in the Philippines, meaning none of the categories that Private school, all are equally justified that public school that all of the schools here in the PhilippinesNone of the expensive tuition fees and all equal the price of tuition I reach so of all, poor man or rich. Should implement and strictly enforce all of the schools the sky. Next all sky in thought, WORD and DEED Second is RELIGION. So nagkakawatak broken English is due to the presence of different believed that religion. Third is GOVERNMENT - Democracy, the senator and congressman should be representative of the different branches of the society in the Philippines, such as Teachers, Police, Farmers, OFW, Nurse. Should is the word of the legislator and senator, and make the ENGLISH all written Law in the PHILIPPINES. Should to remove and replace all of the English words on the road, as the Policy with the SEC, BIR and all the other scriptures in the PHILIPPINES. I am nineteen years that nakapaglibot of the whole world, Europe, USA, Asia, the MIDDLE EAST, All I've been that developed countries have their own stance. especially in their Language, as written all across the country they are in their own words, as the interview that jumped on the TV is their own words the using. Here in the us PINAGYAYABANG the speaking of the LANGUAGE, aquavet can I call people of that kind. boasting komo the word, he is English Should wake up all citizens of the philippines, do not you admire who are nice to English, AQUAVET is that those people, also iingles in front of countrymen Filipinos.