Constitution of the Philippines of

Proposed the substitution of the Constitution of the Philippines of in the reason developed this while the Philippines was the colony more the United States and so is made of the influence American and not that up to date its provisions in resolving problems and responding to the needs of citizens. Adopted by Congress in twenty-four August the Republic Act Number that called for a Constitutional convention in the year and performed on tens November was the election of the delegates to the Constitutional convention. The Constitutional convention met on the first day of June but before after the Convention was declared by the Marcos Martial Law in September and ipinabilanggo some delegadong against Marcos. On May, informed of delegadong Eduardo Quintero (former ambassador of the Philippines to the United Nations from Leyte) the bribery of us $, of a group to influence his voting on the proposal in the Convention prohibit the re-run election of the President and prohibits the president’s wife to run as president. Defined by Quintero that the group nanuhol include the Twelve delegates from the Samar-Leyte along with nina Imelda Marcos and Paz Mate wife of Rep.

The framework of the suggested new Constitution was adopted in twenty-nine November. Among the provisions of the structured Constitution the substitution of the system of government from presidential (presidential) towards parlamentaryan where the President was to represent the leadership of the state, a Prime Minister elected by the National Assembly the perform of the power of government along with his Cabinet, and a National Assembly comprising one house (unicameral) with power in making laws. The Mark of Kautusuan pamapanguluhan in thirty November that sets the plebiscite that idadaos on fifteen January to pagbotohan the proposed Constitution. The Mark of a third presidential that creates in each barrio of the municipality or town and in each district in the city of the Assembly of citizens or Citizen Assemblies to enlarge the basis of the participation of the citizens in a manner democrats.

On January, adopted by the Assembly the Constitution

Came into effect the new constitution in seventeen January by Proclamation As Mark with votes in favor to, and vote resistance. The validity of the ratification of the Constitution is disputed in some cases filed in the supreme Court of the Philippines. Among the points raised against the validity of its ratification: the voting is through the mouth whereas article of the Constitution requires voting, the number of voting mentioned in the proclamation was created by Benjamin Romualdez whereas the commissioners of the COMELEC who refused to participate in the process of cheating will be ejected, and there is no free expression of the people due to the climate of fear created by the Military Law.

The petition kumukwestiyon in general, it has been discarded of the supreme Court in the vote

According to these provisions the transfer by the Constitution, should be assembled immediately Mark the Interim National Assembly on the ratification of the Constitution and the national assembly should in turn appoint the interim President and interim Prime Minister. However, it is not made of Mark and suspended Marcos the implementation of Constitution in this respect with the period of the emergency and he had to resume the Military Law. Instead, Mark has suggested the amiyenda in a referendum on sixteen October adopted in that includes these provisions: succession of the Interim National assembly Interim National Assembly, the current President shall continue to exercise the powers under the Constitution and of all powers granted to the President of the Philippines and Prime Minister of the Philippines the Constitution, and the President will continue to practice the power of making laws up to lift the Martial Law