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Culture of the Philippines, free pointed to the Fil-Italian children

TORINO, Italy - Promoted by a group of Filipinos in the country the teaching of English language and culture of the Philippines with the young Pinoy who was born in ItalyThe singing of the national anthem of the Philippines or Land Appointed the one to teach the children of some volunteers of the Associazone Culturale Filippine del Piemonte or ACFIL. Presented also of the young the desire to learn to speak English like of determining different types of jobs, Philippine geography, and tourist spots in the Philippines. According to the volunteer teachers Marjorie Dinamling, difficulty, whether the children speak English, understood they had some words. Last six weeks the program Pinoy Torinese or Painter, summer class for kids, along with the twenty-four Pinoy volunteers. Aims of the program to monitor the children while on the job the parents of this and reduce the play on the internet and the computer. At least in the summer this class, they will learn our culture, ” says ACFIL President Rosalie Bajade Cuballes. Taken also of the classes in the children's park where introducing the games Pinoy like greenday and cross-cultural.