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Looking at him usually look it in the eye

Often the eye called the 'mirror of the soul' and of course, we want to see them beautiful and healthyAt the present time, quite often you can meet people with dark circles under his eyes. But what is the reason for the appearance of the dark circles of women and how to understand it, let's get rid of. Experience this problem can be quite unexpected, but get rid of it is not so easy for a long time. Of course, this implies that some processes occur in the body incorrectly and it signals us about it.

Because the skin around a very thin, they tend to darken under the influence of negative factors and it is not so much an aesthetic problem, and medical.

Of course, absolutely black circle with a person that we cannot see, but shades of gray-pink dark brown met exactly. The most common problem is a lack of sleep or fatigue Extreme. As the skin under the eyes is very delicate and sensitive, the collagen fibers are arranged in a so-called grid that promotes high possibility to extend. A directly under the skin is the blood vessel that a thin translucent skin and blood accumulation. Due to mimic the activity of this area is prone to puffiness. It is for this reason, and with the dark circles. And due to its location on the site of the orbital cavities, this effect becomes more durable. Because substances alcohol and tobacco, the the body will be in the opposite intoxication, which acts deleteriously on the fabric. It is no secret that the skin of smokers and drinkers is aging much earlier, as well as prone to swelling and inflammation. All that in this case, you can do - it is a complete rejection of such a lifestyle.

This problem affects men, women and even children

Only it will be able to return to its former beauty of the skin and eyes. In today's world, these factors accompany each other in the third, leading to the formation of dark circles under the eyes, as a result of stagnation of blood in the capillaries. First of all, you need to bring your schedule back to normal, more to be outside, take a sedative if necessary. Drinking excessively salty, fried, smoked, fatty foods - all of it violates the metabolism, this has a negative effect on the skin and overall health. It is also accompanied by the accumulation of toxins in the body, especially in blood and tissues, causing the appearance of dark circles under the eyelids-eyes. To improve, you need to carefully re-consider your diet. You may want to consult with a specialist to consider the issue properly. Component part of such products can cause allergies and accumulate in the skin. Another factor may be the aggressive washing water is too hot, the skin stretching, application of creams, scrubs and other misuse. Top If you can, you should consult a beautician or go to a beauty salon facial lymphatic drainage massage techniques.

Perhaps the emergence of infectious diseases, such as sinusitis and headache, pain in the teeth and stuff.

The real reason will be revealed only after consulting a doctor and the appointment of a professional treatment. After of getting rid of the pain, the problem of the dark circles will go away by itself.

As a consequence of heredity or due to age, dark circles can also appear in women. This shadows under his eyes because the house is impossible, because the blood vessels are too close to the eyelid.

At the age of also can appear dark circles under the eyes, as the skin around the eyes becomes thinner and the blood vessels become more visible.

Procedures in the cabin and competent care will help to improve the condition.

Of course, if you are concerned about the problem of dark circles under the eyes you, you should see a specialist. The doctor will not only check you on the different types of the disease, about which it is written above, but also give practical advice. And if still a problem with the disease, you have to visit a number of different doctors: gastroenterology, dermatology, ENT, dentist and others. But in the present cosmetology it reaches those heights, it will be able to remove the dark circles is with a visit to the beautician. Due to hyaluronic acid preparation, the result keeps almost a year. Top View videos by Dr tips to get rid of dark circles Program Elena Malysheva 'Life's good. Beauty for women - this is certainly important and can cope with all the problems, the main thing to choose the right way. Information entertaining women's magazine Femme Today - this expert advice, interesting articles, speak to the soul and just fun to spend time with friends.