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'Height-prices in Philippines, handiwork we'

Should expect we do that, says Recto in a statement

For a senator, should not be proceedings the problems in the increase of prices of goods going out of the country because it is 'self-inflicted' or launching of the events in the Philippines. President Donald Trump on the issue of inflation or the speed of the increase of prices of goods and servicesWe must anticipate there will Always be circumstances outside the country, factors outside of the country. They are internal A huge part of our problem in inflation was caused ourselves. Internal it, an extra senator Lunged up at. four percent the speed of increase of prices of goods and services or your so-called inflation for the month of August, based on data released by the Philippine Statistics Authority.

That's the fastest ascent of the inflation rate in almost ten years.

'A big part of our inflation problem is self-inflicted

Last week, announced by Duterte that the imposition of the Trump of the larger tariff the cause of pagsipa of inflation in the country. But how true is the saying of the president, should high also the price of the goods to more countries in the region of Southeast Asia.

But according to the latest data of ASEAN countries, much higher inflation in the Philippines start its, and is far from the level of inflation in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Ie, with the 'local factor' or going here just in the country, such as the issue of shortage in supply of rice and other agricultural products, develop pesos, and tax reform. The Base is also in the trade data of the Philippines and China, grow further the trade of the Philippines in America and China. From January until June, higher became the exports and imports of the Philippines in two such countries. According also to Finance Assistant Secretary Tony Lambino, also factor in inflation the reason of oil prices in the global market. For Senator Francis Pangilinan, the solution is to strengthen the agricultural sector for not have to rely on importation of food for lower prices in the market. According further to the economic managers, with the proposal of the senator in their plans but prioritize first they the issue of the shortcomings of the supply in the market. A solution also of the Department of Trade and Industry the placement of 'Help the Town' shops in various parts of the country to expedite the distribution of rice in cheap value.