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The materials for the various use designed and produced by different methods of pagmolde, in addition to the products that minoldeng metal, the original and main business of it

From in technology with centrifugal-cast, the Kubota has a wide line of materials with added value such as materials for construction, and it contributes to making the basis of the infrastructure for society.

Among the products of Kubota the cracking coils for pyrolytic furnaces used in the production of ethylene, the basic material in the manufacture of plastic and the reformer tube for the production of hydrogen in oil refineries and plant of the production of ammonia (fertilizer). At present, there is a growing requirements for the cracking coil made in Japan, Canada, Saudi Arabia and China for distribution throughout the world. Contributing the Kubota in the society through the wide choice of products, from products related to steel such as alloy with resistance to heat and roll of the rolling-mill, until the nonferrous products metal such as suction roll shells for the paper industry. Moreover, practical rings used Kubota innovative materials such as TXAX (potassium titanate fiber used as the material in the brake pads of the vehicle), ceramics and other composite materials. Gave allow our long experience and expertise in a flexible arrangement to meet their needs.

Remains committed the Kubota in the manufacture of materials with higher extra value that corresponds to the different and more increasingly complex needs of society.