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Other manufacturing Industries - THK Philippines

Also used the linear motion systems THK in the device of special processing and machining that is quite different from machine tools, industrial robots and other general purpose equipment of manufactureWe can provide solutions to meet the details of the equipment for any special purpose. Exporter of dyeing machine the material in the dyeing tank during the dyeing process for fasteners cloth.

Instead of the usual Cam Follower, use the Model JR LM guide with guide for horizontal movement of the cloth to reduce play and vibration of the machine.

Also used the Caged Ball LM Guide with the vertical axis for the transfer of the cloth to the dyeing tank. Use our Caged Ball LM Guide in the X, Y and Z-axis guide of the stone cutters slowly cutting the stone with the grinder. Pinapalala of flying water and stone particles the environment of operation, but with the Lubricatior QZ and Laminated Contact Scraper LaCS, effective available the LM Guide even under this condition. Used the Model SHS that Caged Ball LM Guide in the X, Y and Z-axis guide of the processing machine, and used the rolling Ball Screw in the driving section of this machine. Can be reached in mm X-axis stroke of brilliant that When used the Model ENE, reduced the rolling variation of the machine and improve the accuracy of the contour of the casting. In addition, allows the Lubricator QZ the long-term operation without maintenance with miniature piping. The LM Guide is our main product, which employs a component with a linear rolling motion into practical usage for the first time in the entire world. The Ball Screw is a high-efficiency feed screw which produces the ball of the rolling motion between the screw axis and the nut.

The Cross Roller Ring is a roller bearing with high rotation accuracy capable of support of the load in each direction.

The Slide Pack is not an expensive linear guide configured with the press-formed slider and roll-formed rail. The Slide Rail is a low price limited stock linear guide made of steel plate precision-formed by rolling. The Cam Follower is a compact bearing with shaft high rigidity and built-in needle bearing. Available the different products associated with lubrication in order to maintain sufficient lubrication of machines.