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(PDF) the Alliance of The Protector of Filipino - TANGGOL LANGUAGE: the Internal Story, The Key Arguments and Documents

The Internal Story, The Key Arguments and Documents this role is the starting narration of some inside story associated with the establishment of Tanggol Language - the alliance led the struggle against the murder of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in English, Literature and Philippine Government and History subjects in colleges and sister organizations of the Alliance of The Protector of History (Tanggol History), the group promotes the presence of required and besides discipline Philippine History - Philippine History in high school - and laying the key arguments and documents associated with it. Hernandez In the middle of the dominance of the neoliberalismo in many parts of the world, patuloyna force of government neoliberal the policy makes it difficult sanakararaming citizens as savings in social services, pribatisasyonng owned by the State, and istagnasyon or reduction of wages - the wages of mgamanggagawaRemains the dominant economic system capitalism, sakabila of the burst of the international crisis in revealed sanapakaraming problem kabuhol of giving priority to profit instead of people, sakorporasyon rather than the community, and at the whim of a few rather than pangangailanganng predominantly. In this embodiment, there is a great need to find mgaalternatibo in the neoliberalismo and capitalism This article shall contribute togeneral effort to promote socialism as an alternative sakapitalismo, by represents sisters of coherent adbokasingpangwika and socialist programs in the novel chilingworth's Amado V. Hernandez, one of the National artist in the Literature of the Philippines.