Poverty in the philippines

one of the serious problems of our country. We often blame the wrong policies of the rulers of the country, but they did have sins or we Filipinos lazy. Said they, “Idleness is the equivalent of poverty”. Saying of the majority, so they are suffering is the reason they don’t work, but the truth is, many jobs that are available, be selected just really the Filipinos. But also do not let they blame, the more will choose to sit just to one side and solicit alms than fag in the herculean work and earn a hundred pesos a day, but in this respect, shown just say that we are lazy, most common cause of difficulty. The forced move town to find ikabububuhay has become part of the culture.

Carrying of excessive difficulty is it has been he response of the Filipinos to cope with day to day living. ‘The word neighbor in the usa’ is attributed here. The reason the evacuation in the homeland and being separated from family is not easy for a culture we grew up with. Here are some great reason of poverty in the Philippines: This is the harshest and acute causes of suffering of the town. The money for hope in the welfare of the people is just goes into the pockets of the few who have power in the government. It is considered a cancer on society. IMPERIALISMO: The conquest of several countries in the previous period such as Spain, Japan and the US tortured in the Philippines. Foreigners also leave the wrong or a bad influence and culture in the country. The continued intervention or prompting of the U.S.

in the dying of the Philippines

Say the help a financial of the powerful countries in the Philippines, a bribe to rotate and madiktahan the government. The money that not necessarily goes with the right project but falling also into the pockets of the question. Money bribe to boost their personal goal to nagbabaon in the poverty of the Philippines. The insertion of ‘globalization’ is maitutuiring also an imperialism. Where the foreigners and wealthy capitalist who is possessed of different companies is prompting the government to siskilin the rights of mangaggawa. And the coalition forces dying and capitalist was crushing the union that he kills the right of producers to have a proper wage, benefit and justice. Considered a slavery or ‘modern slavery’ the wage workers, compared to the incomes of the giant corporate alien. The second reason was the misconduct of the leaders of our country, the pagbubulsa in the ark of the town. The funds for the development of the life of poor are used by politicians for their own interest. Enough the salary of the head of our country, the reality is much more it for revive of a family, but still they are in the wrong work they do. Recently said that rising the economy of our country, but not even one felt it. Still need to line up and hold for just purchase of NFA Rice, still high charges on fuel, electricity and virtually all commodities, does not fit the salary of an employee only. Due to misconduct of politicians, simple citizens affected, because prefers they ibulsa the big funds pangkahirapan than add to the income of employees, a huge error on the part of the head. The third reason is being irresponsible of the us, or the absence of affirmation. If it would be responsible for only the parents of street children is likely no release dates prevalent that young now streets, no uhuging children who ask for alms, and no pitiful faces of the hungry children we see. Without implement the Agrarian Reform program not fully implemented by the government. The reason that the rights owners of big land farm is the proprietary property of the powerful in society and government. There is also the fatal substitution without lands agriculture to make industrial, residential and golf courses of the rich. Where naagawan of the orchard or farm the farmers. The reason of having lack of basic local food. Reason to import more basic food such as rice in other countries. One more reason of the difficulties of the country is the extreme kapapabayaan of the natural resources of the country. The cutting of trees cause of flooding (illegal logging), landslides and erosion. The diarrhea on the river and the sea, with toxic, patutok and wrong way of fishing that is destroying wonders sea. The neglect of the government and citizens in natural resources is a large reason to gradually immerse the country sink in the quicksand of poverty. Children working on streets are exposed to many dangers. Children who spend a lot of time working on the street are more susceptible to respiratory infections, pneumonia and other diseases, and face a high risk of injury or death from motor vehicles. They can be used as accessories in drug deals, robberies, swindling and extortion. They can be used as accessories to drug deals, robberies, swindling and extortion. Some are even forced into child status or other criminal activities. Some are even forced into child prostitution or other criminal activities. Street children often face problems in gaining an education and Leaving the streets for the following reasons: irregular or low family incomes cannot cover the cost of school enrollment, uniforms and school projects and once enrolled in school, a high proportion of these children are forced to drop out, especially as school expenses rise in later years. once enrolled in school, a high proportion of children are forced to drop out, especially as school expenses rise in later years. President elect of the Philippines, Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino has won the election battle, but the real battle was still to fight as he takes his place as the leader of the country, say political commentators. He is set to inherit a country that is rampant with poverty, military unrest, corruption, violent crime, Muslim insurgencies and political debate, saying of many of those who are following in the wake of people Filipino. He pledged throughout his campaign that he was going to put a stop to corruption within the government and as a result is also stop the difficulty