Rights of Buyer

With the right buyers that may not be it attention or the knowledge of the public. Learn the right and duty of the buyer to be wise in buying needs.

With various branches of the government assigned to meet these needs. There is the Department of Agriculture, National Food Authority, Department of Social Welfare and Development, Department of Health, Department of Education, Government Service and Insurance System and much more. Right also of buyers to give assurance that safe buy products. With a visible logo on the packages products that means it has gone through proper evaluation and masisiguradong safely use it. Third is the right to patalastasan or right to protect the consumer against fraudulent, deceitful and misleading ads, ethics and other improper activities. Can’t complain about the product or service if it didn’t kept the promised time.

Follow the karapatag choose

Free the buyers choose or magcanvas first of various products or service that they would like to see the variations in quality and price of products.

The right to hear

The consumer needs to be sure their sake regarding making and implementation of any policy of the government. Having a public hearing to hear the opinions and suggestions of the public. The other six, has the right to pay and compensate for any expense from the product that is purchased even if it is in the mistakes, negligence or malice. Must have a buyer without paid help in the defense in court or in settling claims. It will possess the right to intelligence and knowledge needed by consumers to make steps help in the decision pangmamimili. And finally on the right is having a clean environment to have a proper lifestyle