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RIGHTS OF YOUTH - News - Tagalog Newspaper Tabloid

IMPORTANT aware that the man on his right at a young age just yet Enough is it to maintain the rights of youth According to the ASEAN Children's Forum (ACF) and Child Rights Coalition, the participation of children is a human rightsTraditional as expected the children next only to the parents, and the involvement in activities outside the family is not how appreciate. Second, poverty is a big obstacle to child participation Many youth are forced to unravel in the normal flow of life of the child because they need help and find income for the family. Third, lacking also in knowledge and awareness-raising for parents regarding human rights. Taught it in school, not necessarily concealed in our knowledge that many of the poor the early left the study for search-life. In our country where many children are victims of violence and violation of human rights, the participation of youth is very important. Base on the research of the Ecumenical Institute for Labor Education Research (EILER) in, widespread child labor in the mine and plantation, where. five of the households in the plantation communities have the child worker, while the child labor rate in turn to the community with the mine is in the fourteen. The average age of child workers was, but there is a beginning work of the five-year-old just yet. Up to of the child laborer stopped to study and many of them will work in ten or more hours per day. Ally, the human rights are integral to our dignity, which is also a principle endorsed by the Social Teachings of the Church. According to Gaudium et Spes, any tumatapak on the dignity of man is poison to society.