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smart kontrak token

This is a ERC Token that follows the ERC Tokens Standard

The PosToken is the first token that the contract of the Proof-of-Stake on the Ethereum platformFirst implemented PoSToken the mechanism of the Proof-of-Stake, which means that the holders of PoSToken can earn a few extra tokens just by handling PoSToken for at least three days, greater or equal to the Minimum Age Coin. a new brand that is not official Ethereum Token Standard, which the code of PosToken is made for the discharge of the Proof-of-Stake Tokens. The PosToken the beginning of the tokens in the Proof-of-Stake and the PosToken will help the developers to issue more tokens in the future. We believe that a new era of Crypto Tokens will start here.

Near that we release the first version that you can try

According to the annual interest on the above, the Max Total Supply of PoSToken (M POS) is will reach in fifteen years. When reached ten million, no more PoSToken the be developed by the PoS. By considering less and gas consumption, the PoSToken provides two methods to be trigger the PoS mining. However, the main need of the commencement of mining of the PoS must have you some PoSToken, greater or equal to the Minimum Age Coin. Then you can start the PoS mining by Mist or any other software that can communicate with the contract to implement the function mint. Right now you need to use the or Mist or any other software that can make the contract to carry out this function. It can distract you, need to know how to use and have experience in making contracts. But do not worry about it, we considered it and a Wallet for the tokens of Proof-of-Stake is added to our plan. By using our PoSToken wallet, you can Easily be able to mine a PoS.

returns the age of the coin of duty account.

Return means that the age of your coin does not meet the minimum age. If you are not sure of the age of the coin of your account, you can perform this function for the query.

If received Bob of tens tokens from to Alice and hold it inside of sixty days, said Bob had saved six hundred tokens in sixty days.

Moreover, when used by Bob to the ten tokens that he received from Alice, we say that the coin that accumulated Bob in all of the tokens in his account is lost (or consumed).