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Assistance work for the affected workers of the Hanjin

In August, sign we of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Hanjin to bring in the companies the, certified welder by TESDAAlso assist po in the Hanjin for maibiyahe in the Philippines the training tools and equipment donated by TongMyung University in South Korea. The other five are in the largest shipyard in the entire world the Hanjin and reaches even the po in over, employees in its abundance of shipbuilding companies in Redondo Peninsula in the baboon canopic jar hold. Because of this, afraid we are to the plight of the affected workers there also their families One of the affected workers is Jerry de Jesus seven years of execute of metal scrap in Hanjin expecting to be able to help him immediately by the government because in him is against his whole family. So we are immediately dealt with it the DOLE and help is the summation of the inter-agency task force for sure be given alternative employment or livelihood assistance the removable workers like Jerry's. Should also please pay close attention of DOLE the profiling of the workers of Hanjin for job-matching, re-tooling and be skills upgrading with the help of TESDA. Called we are to Hanjin, also in the creditors bank and government that establish the funds available in the re-employment of affected workers.

The removable worker, you have rights if you are in separation pay as stated in Article and of the Labor Code of the Philippines.

Will get you the equivalent of half a month's wages per year of service and the period non-less than six months will be considered a year. Must be able to give thirty days notice before implement the lay-off due to closure or cessation of operation of the business. We recognize the trust given of Hanjin in the philippines and we believe that it does not forsake its obligations to its workers.