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How to get Panamanian citizenship Education in Europe

The issue of acquisition of citizenship of another country is considered one of the most difficult in the practice of law, because any state seeks to maintain ethnic, religious and cultural integrity. Therefore, the question for them is natural, how to get Panamanian citizenship, even if they are living in the opposite corner of the planet

Among the advantages of having a passport of the Central American state - the possibility of visa-free travel, doing business, safe environment, stable economic situation.

Consider the different options for obtaining citizenship in Panama, the simplified schemes and programs, according to which they operate. In the Republic of Panama will operate the institution of dual citizenship, that moment has attracted many foreigners - the ability to save your own passport and obtaining the Panamanian paper. But there is a caveat, panamskyy passport, issued to a foreign citizen, It has some limitations, that is a full member of the society can not be a foreigner. Many satisfied and this state of affairs The process of obtaining Panamanian citizenship is a long, It begins with getting the visa, give temporary or permanent residence in the country. Visa is different, take account of the specific features, for example, investor visa, to live on the interest of these sums, invested in the Panama economy. With pensioners visas, allowing people to live in the country at that age, present certain amount in the account. After getting a visa to the status of a permanent resident, you can think about the next step - obtaining Panamanian citizenship. In this state, the same legal mechanism, as in other countries in the world, work automatically receive citizenship (for children born wife - Panamanian citizens), Various programs naturalization. also put in front of a number of areas, necessary for the execution of documents in the Panamanian passport: residential qualification (in Panama, consisting of at least five years) the presence of immigration status (permanent resident). Period of residence in Panama must be at least five years, but the countdown begins after obtaining a visa for permanent residence. The time can be shortened (up to three years) for certain categories of foreigners, first, for, who is the wife of a Panamanian citizen.

interestingly, the Republic of Panama that the government cares about, that the new citizens are physically and mentally healthy.

One of the most important conditions for a potential competitor Panamanian citizenship - the passing of a number of medical procedures, listed: testing HIV X-ray legkïx general medical check-up, confirms the absence of mental or physical disease, infections. naturally, the list of required documents are passports, marriage certificate, birth (juvenile child), photographs. An important document is the work of the applicant's apostasy in the former country of residence. It is only important for the host country, as the global practice shows, that individual states are still treated like people by their nationals, others, conversely, automatically deprived of citizenship. The important role played by the financial component to the applicant, when submitting the documents in the package include any reference to the place of work, or from the bank. The following conditions of naturalization is also quite common in the world - the language proficiency test (government in Panama is Spanish), history, ethnography, culture. Also Electoral Tribunal (a kind of selection committee) can review the knowledge with the future citizens of the basic law of the country, especially, the constitution, nationality law. The decision to issue the passport of the citizen of the Republic of Panama is write, a result of a message sent to the community that is now a new citizen. It remains to make quite a bit of action, first, personal visit the Department of Immigration and pick up a letter, making money at the expense of the department. second, utter the oath of loyalty in front of the governor, apart from payment for the procedure In the election tribunal to get a new card (Cedula), sign-up, as a citizen of the Republic of Panama. This step is also accompanied by a fee, but it gives you the opportunity to feel like a full member of the society, and even join in the Panamanian elections.

Permanent residence in Spain. Means for obtaining permanent residence in Spain. How to get permanent. Education in Europe

Spain - one of the oldest countries in Europe attracts intends to relocate not only superior geographical position, favorable mild climate, an abundance of resorts and historical heritageThe relative economic stability in the middle of Spain, Europe, a sufficiently high standard of living, extensive infrastructure is of interest for foreigners, looking not only to buy residential real estate in the homeland of Cervantes, Carmen and desperate bullfighter, but also to move here permanently. Spanish passport and a permanent residence is can be obtained after a certain time after issuance of temporary residence, and be the owner of the license for the right to temporary residence in the kingdom is not easy. The presence of own real estate in the Kingdom of Spain brings to the Russian citizens the right to regularly stay in the country, which is limited by local law term. For Russian citizens the right to permanent residence in the territory of the Kingdom of Spain is extremely difficult, requiring the presence of a ten-year period of residence in the country and the refusal of former citizenship, because Russia has not concluded a treaty with Spain or the agreement on dual citizenship. If a citizen of Russia has no plans to leave the relationship civil war in their homeland, it will have to achieve the goal to pass on a rather tortuous path. Does not recognize dual citizenship Spain allows its citizens to get the Latin American countries, which is a former colony of Spain. moreover, the Government is encouraging be Dope to get dual citizenship, willing to settle in Latin America In a number of countries, citizenship which gives the right to acquire permanent residence in the Kingdom of Spain is composed of Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador, Cuba, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Dominican Republic and even the Philippines.

Get the right to relocate to these countries reduces the duration of the subsequent acquisition of the Spanish citizenship in two years and do not deny the existence of a second citizenship in another country.

One of the effective ways to get permanent residence in Spain attractive to foreign citizen is to register your own business.

But the ownership of the business in the country is not grounds for obtaining a residence permit until, has established the company begins to operate and pay taxes.

that is, if in Spain based real business, bringing revenue into the treasury, and benefit the economy of the country, characterized by large financial turnover, the owner can expect to receive documents, give the right of permanent residence. Be the owner of a residence permit in the Kingdom of Spain may be, without registering a company, if the applicant signed a contract for a year or he is the owner of a private status trader and will pay a presumptive tax. The most basic, tough way to become the owner relocate to Spain - to be reunited with family members, having residence in the country. For Russian citizens, relatives who live in Spain and its residents, problems getting a residence permit does not exist. The basis of the problem of obtaining permanent residence in the Kingdom of Spain - the overcoming of the first 'stairs' step, a residence permit. For a further extension of the process is not as difficult and time-consuming But motivated citizens of Russia, achieves results, except for citizenship can reside in the territory of the kingdom for a year, will be able to move freely in the EU countries, receive the benefits local residents for mortgage loans, etc. If the planned final relocation to Spain, meaning, something to fight for.