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What Is The Most Serious Problem Of The Philippines

So I appear to be the most severe If the citizens we are educated, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa maybe maluluklok not worthy official or yung bearing in vogue and known as actress nothing that really hope flourish and the philippines is not just about corruption and poverty is the root of the problems of our country, noone to hold the lack of support in our own production second loan we have with other countries and more poverty and problems in education are many, we kaartehan to the system we continue to do so we don makaangat lift. also one of the reasons is nothing really we totally unity we all charlatan all him-him you shall yard you that the yard I turn it.

Will there still be a second chance for salvation to the people after the rapture of the believer or the rapture

Will there still be a second chance for salvation to the people after the rapture of the believer or the rapture.' There are some interpreters of the Bible believe that none of the hopes long to be saved then that one in rapture. Many people come to Christ during the Great Tribulation. The, witnesses will be Jewish believers (Revelation:) If not even a come to Jesus during the Tribulation, why say that many people pupugutan of the head at that time because of their faith (Revelation:)There is not even a verse in the Bible that proves that none of be saved yet after the rapture of the believers. On the contrary, many passages affirm that there is be saved yet after the rapture. Another perspective will not be saved heard the gospel and then rejected it before the rapture. The saved during the Tribulation, if so, is the not heard of the Gospel before occur the rapture. The paragraph for this theory is the two Thessalonians: - which says that will work miracles the antichrist to deceive the 'lost' and 'leaving of God that they were deceived by the spirit of error and convince to lie' to confirm their lack of faith. The reason given is because 'they refused to love the truth and so be saved' (verse). Assumes they have to the people who hardened their hearts to the gospel before occur the rapture will remain in their condition. 'And madadaya of the antichrist the many' (Matthew:) But those who refused to love the truth' is not only referring to those who have heard the gospel before occur the rapture. Can the person who it is anyone who rejected the salvation of God at all times.

Therefore, there is no clear evidence from the Bible that supports this belief.

Spoken of in Revelation: - the “who are killed during the tribulation because of the word of God and in faithful witness it. The martyrs that it is understood correctly their witness during the tribulation and converted them to the Gospel and hihimukin others in faith and repentance. Will not allow the antichrist and his followers for their preaching and they killed them. All these martyrs are those who lived before the rapture but they do not become believers before the rapture. Therefore, with the second time more people come to Christ and be saved after the rapture.

Diosdado Macapagal - The President I

From a poor family in the province of Pampanga, met President Diosdado Macapagal as “The Poor Boy from Lubao” Portable his commitment to give the dots of the corruption in the country, he defeated it was the current president is Carlos Garcia in the election of the there is a large gap in the number of votes received. Including those made of Chlorella the practice of law to organize the agricultural sector in the country.

Initially it enacted the Agricultural Land Reform or Republic Act No, which opened the opportunity to have their own farm lands to the small farmers in the country.

With such a law, granted also the right to build the organization those working in the sector of agriculture, in addition to should visit they can receive wages corresponding to Minimum Wage Law. As contribution of the government in supporting them, become active the government in the construction of infrastructure such as roads, port and airport.

Make also of the policy is: pro-eengganya more investors by serving in the government as the Russian endorsement of the activities that allow to the business needing the large capital is introduce in the country.

Among the business of the goods related to the manufacture of steel, fertilizers and even in tourism.

Some more historic contributions of President Macapagal for the establishment of the Philippine Veterans’ Bank, the transfer of the commemoration of our independence day from th of July to the th of June.

In term of Macapagal, strengthened the action of the country to the international tribunal related to the right to re-claim the North Borneo or now known as Sabah. In, re-run for president Diosdado Macapagal But due to accusations of corruption and filling and increasing the price of commodities, in addition to the ongoing problems in peace and order in the country, he was not blessed to win such elections. After it is retired she is in the world of politics, but was still active in the activities programme. Served si Macapagal as a member of the Philippine Council of State in and elected as the president of the Constitutional Convention in.