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The Philippine Consulate General in Osaka

Want to pong inform the Consulate that is expected to take po on this week the maximum number that can be accommodate by the Consulate for Gifu Outreach in April

Because of this, this Friday, fifteen March that just is the last day that can receive applications for passport the Consulate. ach. Look out for are the list of approved applications on our website or here For those who do not include the consular outreach service can still be able to join the next outreach in Gifu in August. Look out for are the additional announcement concerning it Also can you renew or apply for your passport at the Consulate here in Osaka without having to make an appointment.

The national artist of the Philippines

is a title given to Filipinos who have achieved the highest introduction due to the significant contribution to the prosperity of the arts Project: Music, Dance, Theater, Fashion and Architecture, and Art Pangkapanalig. Then, gave them the Order of National artist by regalyang gold collar of honor which consists of many decor. In addition to the collar, gave each new naproklama of praise as offerings at the ceremony of awards The Cultural Center of the The philippines is nagpupunong-busy course at a Night of Tribute for the National artist at the Theatre NationalThe Awards of National artists is presided over by the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) from the generosity of the Main Presidential Nos. on April, and the National Commission on Arts and Culture (NCCA) The Government of the Republic of the Philippines is the providing of grants to eligible individuals that are recommended by the CCP and NCCA. The first award was given to Fernando Amorsolo, a famous Filipino painter after his death The nomination concerning the National artist of the Philippines is contingent on the comprehensive standards outlined by the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the National Commission on Arts and Culture: The nomination will be forwarded to the Secretary of the National artist that created the Board of Awards National artist of the experts from different fields of art will sit in the First any particular to prepare the short list of nominees. The Second any particular, which assembled together the Commissioner of the NCCA and the Board of Trustees of the CCP, decides on the most recent narekomenda. The note is to be presented to the President of the Philippines, who, by Commandment Presidential, stating the most recent nominee as a member of the Order of National artist.