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The livelihood with the advent of the americans

But, there was suliraninang body having ngmalayang trade

The changes in the panlipunangpamumuhay of Filipino noongpanahaon of Americans are nakatulongsa development of the countryAccording to the freezer over, the patakarangpangkabuhayang their launched for sakaunlaran is still preparing pararaw in diumanong upcoming independent Filipino. The Philippines is a bansangagrikultural so this is the one to mgapinagtuunan attention of mgaAmerikanong develop in the country. Dagdagpa it the law that their pinairalhinggil in the proper use atpangangalaga natural yamangpinagkukunan of the country. Taught farmers angmakabagong way of farming, selection ngpananim that will be fruitful, using ngpataba, providing water to the farm, and angpaggamit of machinery in planting. Paid attention to also the paghahayupanna fixture of farming. Established the Bureau of Plant andIndustry, the first agencies ngpamahalaang established under ngpamamahala of American gayundinang the Bureau af Animal Industry upanglalong improve the state of long-agrikulturalng the country. The Filipino people are increasingly aware atnagsikap in farming and propagation. Because here is they have given karapatangmakakuha of part of the farm. Disadvantages the Homestead Law that gave ngkarapatan anyone Pilipinongmakapagmay owner of not more than twenty-four naektaryang land of talk. All of owns ayinatasang register of the land atbinigyan of title or Torrens Title bilangkatibayan or certificate of ownership. Free Trade The trade and commerce aynapaunlad also of the American. Like free trade multiply atlumaki the amount of production, datiyhindi welcomed the United States products of the Philippines walangbuwis but this changed in, when confirm the Payne-Aldrich Act. In changed the law naito without conclude the BatasUnderwood-Simmons Act. The lawthat it is also elimination of quotas ngpagluwas of the product like ngabakada and tobacco became for higher income countries. Nahilig the mgaPilipino products alien ostateside instead enjoy angsariling products. Over that he pansina can product need EstadosUnidos, such as sugar, coconut, tobacco, and hemp that was the reason upangmapabayaan the other events taking and products of the country.