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The true owner of the philippines

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Friends like kc yanBefore the Spanish arrived in our country we have with its government led by the datu. The family of tagean tallano, they lapu lapu and rajah was the son they took over the city and the calls they are nobility. Seize we the Spanish they changed the name PHILIPPINES in honor of king PHILIP of spain. Filipino turn they call us because we are under or slaves to the leadership of king philip. So before we became the united states the sum of our place is here the nobility as it GUAM, HAWAI and sabah are included in the pamumunu clan, the tagean tallano. similar to china with dynasty, japan with kings we also was headed by the datu and rajah clan's king luisong tagean tallano. Jose rizal is also one of the family of tagean tallano he was born in sabah and put it in baskit and put on the love of the family of mercado.

The mission of rizal is to learn the practices of the Spanish in the town of his clan.

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