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El Presidente: Movie Review - Nasyonalistik Pinoy

With some I noticed in the movie

In the ongoing establishing of the “BioEpic” films, have proven that we ourselves really did turn rich the culture and history of the country of the PhilippinesAnother movie showed heroism be the katrayduran of some of the key personnel in the response stage of our history the El Presidente. From the memoir by Aguinaldo all stated in the movie, therefore, only from the perspective of york all stated in the movie. In a movie pinagkagastusan hard, a lot of the actors that puts on the a character that sometimes fit, sometimes not. First, nice showing on the staff of Aguinaldo, nice selected the actors and given the justice the the general.

Pretty well they have chosen to Gregorio Del Pilar.

But, on the other hand, I noticed too old that they got to Procopio Bonifacio. Too also become old the performed the second wife of Aguinaldo to be the nephew of the wife of one of the friends of General Miyong. Beautiful also the recovered Bonifacio, but too made villain and evil the Supremo.

Obviously there is prejudice really the movie for of Aguinaldo.

Also one I noticed was the poster of the movie.

Mary and Hilaria is at the top of the poster and is Luna and Bonifacio also in the with the edge of the water.

What does this mean. “Love and Hate” you then they. Seen and I noticed only that placed in the top of the poster the loved woman of the water, whereas in the side turn is the nakaaway it. If we look at the pics, Is Luna and Bonifacio will possess a “Villain Eyes” (which I called).

Too they made the villain the two.

If you get back only we the history we, Luna and Bonifacio is said to be the two heroes that put to death - killed by the General. The movie also tells that jesus Buencamino to kill in General Luna, while admit in your mind condemned - killed nya Bonifacio but the influence of the Council de la Gera. Hence, cleansed of the movie the name of Aguinaldo.

The story also of General Gregorio del Pilar, I think, it is too short to tell the spectators to become the right hand of General Aguinaldo.

Prevention poker also the movie with the involvement of Del Pilar on these issues murder or murder with president Aguinaldo.

Just one think, I reason, maybe you didn't put in the notes-otherwise you things that hurt you one day not sure.

Really bellow me hard in shown that Bonifacio was the reading - counting of ballots. Yes, became the chief manager was in such election, but was not told that he the included.

Released also napakaarogante and selfish the Supremo in the scene, emotionally and dash dash.

I also think, wrong showing of “the tejeros convention Convention walk-out”. (called I) only Calm Bonifacio when asked to say withdraw the said Daniel Tirona, when refused just it, they do become aggressive and angry. I do not believe that given the sensible persecution Bonifacio. Also not shown the “dungeon” to the place of Bonifacio. But, although opposed me in the way of killing said in the movie, the I liked was the display they had in Bonifacio. They have not made cowardly and fears the Supremo but, shown them the love of Bonifacio in the motherland. One also pinagtataka ko is the pagsulpot of an unknown character named “Gardioso”, I searched it in the history book but I don't See and know what is what or just made up. Is Gardioso is said to be messengers of the water that nagsuplong him to the Americans. But I assume this is Cecilio Specialist the nagsuplong him and gave three letters of the Torah with the letter to General Lacuna. But, said the movie is Gardioso has a young son named Cecilio. Not so they want to release that is Gardioso (Specialist) the nagsuplong not the Cecilio Specialist. (hmmmm) But, despite this, became the result of it in the movie as well as in history Filipinos. Otherwise have been exactly and it's too bias, the latter has shown its still the message of every hero on our contemporary Filipino- love to the motherland. LIKED COULD DO THIS MOVIE. DOES YOU SURE WOULD LET YOU KNOW ABOUT IT.


Do you in the Center.

Willing you maipasatupad the Law of Divorce here in the Philippines.

Vote’t uphold the belief.

Divorce Bill: Executable so now. question po where po bah the actually setting of the story. base po kc me the many places presented in the movie. Yes, you're right, there are indeed areas that have been shown in the movie, but the most where they (I think) was around Vigan (maybe at the time of the American). Samatalang the during course of Spanish, maybe, held it all in Cavite. I liked the movie in total. beautiful rendition of Gen. Del Pilar, and Gat A. Cleaned they the name of Bonifacio until late. And the pinakanagustohan I had ever been the prediction in Gen.

Some are positive and some are negative

Aguinaldo, and later, found out she is the third woman in life but not know mapapakasalan is the motherland. the more beautiful the this movie than “love story” screened. more meaningful this movie. hope shall carry on continuous the this show. it is composed I I maxadong know in the history of the Philippines, but due to this film awakened my interest to read about our history. Live you included Jhay. You're right, I hope it will continue this class of films here in the Philippines, and I do not deny you that reality is indeed more beautiful in this than in the love story that is copied in the “Western Plots”. I wish more more more have interest in this show and enjoy the own actual height and history. Right napa good movie to.

Hopefully with even more focus on yet they attention the works of this movie more really is the learn about history of the Philippines.

Hopefully may will be many producers and directors have interests in the manufacture of this type of movie. So blessed we are that does us directors like by Mark Meily (El President) and Richard Somes (Supremo). May many young people be interested in history. when I watched nice nice akuh in the show traces the smile on my times know and napanuod but also survey akuh release pla so the real history. (kya lng became clear the intent of g. emilio aguinaldo in the story. here the hero dto but hopefully if I history may and I real interacting with the stories the reflect especially kming maiingganyung watching a times gantong movie.

but what need to change some some of them.

but funny it the show especially the actors who ambition completely.) hopefully my repeat and would have but true history. You're right, Marjorie. I certainly hope so have a movie historical where no prejudice and no cleaning that the name. I hope it has evolved more films released by of this movie. presumably, meant they actually delete some scenes to del Pilar because of can be replacement its image of aguinaldo. therefore, damage it to aguinaldo. you can also turn to the research of del pilar.

according to nick joaquin (if I am not mistaken) became the hangman processed by aguinaldo it is del pilar.

I hope I answered your questions, many thanks Can I ask which are the parts of this movie shown in the two boobs each one for prosperity. hmm, I remembered, many turn because of its purpose of this movie, the tell of about our town. Because quite a long time I napanuod it, quite not all is I can say to you of right. The I remembered, one of the parts of the movie that shows interdependence for prosperity is the part where it became independent that the Cavite El Viejo in the Spanish colonizers. See there that celebrates the “constituents” of the water and pack in his bravery. Another is the displayed sacrifice of revolutionary, especially of men which eh, starving them and no food to eat, for only in fighting for the motherland. Many others, in pagkakaalala I, but not that vivid memory and I might misunderstand me more. Only, I hope I helped you, Isay Thanks for the comment and enjoying my blog hello poi. Who are the staff.ii. San po their setting.iii.

What is the summary.iv.

What beautiful manners they have.and v. What is the end of the story. If intensyion you really pong audit, more can understand"the movie if papanoorin niyo it, I will admit po nung first watching I time able to listen but at last long as the rear is beautiful, and more pong fulfilled by aguinaldo the duty he promised making in the town. Many thanks, Ghem, commenting. Not sure maybe I will check if I do not napanuod the movie. Nice indeed the spirit of the movie but the “approaches” I turn to the analysis is the use of “historical” review. I was not insulted in the movie but I examined only the details in the movie. Many thanks again and More power also to you. Bias this movie, Marmi pong is missing, all of the story is prevention hat of aguinaldo. Too made villain is Luna and boni. All of the greatest filipino ever lived is in the hands also of the filipinos died. that's a fact and until today is the art work that. There is no unity. laglagan on behalf of the authority.

Since until Now.

very good movie. very much as the pope I nabilib really pakikipglaban of ting hero even lives at stake - all of the use of any article in this blog for your schoolwork, thesis, articles or what else, please cite that the only question properly.

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