Filipino American

The term Filipino American or Filipino-American or Fil-Am in English can refer to the following: The community of Filipino Americans the second largest group in the groups-ethnic Hispano Asian-American. The Filipino American is the man who the race is derived from or originated in the Philippines. They are Filipinos become permanent residents or citizens of the United States. Over. four million recorded people that in the year, but it was leader of the others and can that the number of Filipinos is in the four million. Most Filipino Americans live in California, the City of New York, and Hawaii. Filipino Americans are the largest group group-ethnic Asian-American in California. Also included here is the state of Alaska, Maine, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota. Filipino Americans are the second largest in Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Illinois, Maine, Mississippi, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia. They in turn are the third largest in Connecticut, Maryland, Georgia, Minnesota, and the City of New York. In the Northern Marianas, the Filipino Americans are the largest ethnic group of any kind. Their population and twenty percent of the entire trauma. In Guam, they were the second largest ethnic group of any kind. In American Samoa, exceeded they have the Samoan and Tongan and staged the largest ethnic group. Granted by the Congress of America the two month celebration of another culture Filipino American. The Month of Asian Pacific Americans is set in the month of May. Being the largest group of the group-ethnic Asian-American, given the months of October and ipangalangang Months of Historical Filipino American, a salute to the department Filipinos who sailed to California on the th of October, the year. Amateur Filipino, there may be difficulties in the interaction ahead. Many language differences in the before and now generation Filipinos, always resulting in the misunderstanding of the harmonious and tranquil.

But many Filipino Americans are wise to understand and communicate in English, most of them are speaking of the Tagalog, the Visayan languages, Pangasinan, Kapampangan and Ilokano in their habitat. The English also is the sixth spoken language in the whole United States. It is also the official and national language of the Philippines. Also similar to the other ethnic groups in America, the pagkatatas in English will be missing in the knowledge of the Filipino American while they are timeserving and interact in American culture. According to the civic group other Filipinos, the goal of the parents to keep the knowledge in English, as their children, cause the sprout of bilingualism or the ability of speaking two languages on many American.

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